Sunday, 8 December 2019


The political map of the UK general election results in 2017 in Scotland, presents Scots with one opportunity to STOP THE TORIES in the parts of Scotland where the Tories won seats last time - Aberdeen South, Aberdeenshire and the North East, Stirling Ochil and South Perthshire, the South and the Borders etc. - and that is to vote for the SNP on Thursday as the party which came 2nd last time in those Westminster seats and the only party which has a real chance of beating the Tories in the seats that they hold.

This is a first past the post election so voting any other way in Tory-held seats would risk letting the Tories back in without a fight.

The polls are warning that Tories could win big in England and that would mean a world of hurt for Scotland under Prime Minister Boris Johnson, our only escape from which could be to win independence, which the SNP do support, whereas Labour and the Liberal Democrats as unionists expect us Scots to suffer under any UK Government, no matter how terrible for Scots.

I don't even believe that the Tories can be trusted with regard to fishing rights because they have done nothing to get UK waters out of the European Union Common Fisheries Policy since the LEAVE vote 3+ years ago when they could easily have ordered the Royal Navy to exclude foreign fishing boats but never did anything to protect our fishing waters and fishing stocks. Knowing the treacherous Tories, they will sell our fishing industry out once again.

I've got my own particular reasons for not trusting the Tories here in Aberdeen - the time years ago that Aberdeen Conservative Councillor and Justice of the Peace Michael Hastie was too weak to stand up against Post Office financial mismanagement encouraging the crimes of fraud, theft and robbery and endangering victims with violence, leading to at least one murder that we know of.

Hastie fined and jailed me rather than support my rights and duty to blow the whistle about the urgent need for crime prevention action.
Tory stupidity, criminality and treachery is about as bad as it gets so we must use our votes tactically to stop the Tories wherever we can.

Wednesday, 23 October 2019


The Torry and Ferryhill by-election campaign is kicking off in Aberdeen, with polling cards and leaflets going through the doors. Polling day is Thursday 21st of November 2019.

Accordingly, I have updated my window display for the duration of the campaign.

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Aberdeen Council by-election Torry and Ferryhill - questions for the SNP

As a voter who lives in Ferryhill, I would be concerned in case the SNP put up another candidate like Ms Mackenzie who was paid by SNP MSP for Aberdeen Central Kevin Stewart it seems to make a false and treacherous complaint to the police about me and then to bear false witness in Aberdeen Sheriff Court against me.

Panto Villain Kevin Stewart MSP

Stewart has brought the SNP into disrepute

What assurance can the SNP candidate give voters in Torry and Ferryhill that we will be properly represented and not treacherously misrepresented by the SNP as I have been by both Ms Mackenzie and Mr Stewart?

I feel badly betrayed by Mr Stewart's perverse and inexplicable misbehaviour in respect of an email I sent to him as the MSP for Aberdeen Central.

I have asked the SNP to investigate Mr Stewart's misbehaviour in this matter and if his explanation is unsatisfactory then to find him guilty of bringing the SNP into disrepute and to expel him from the SNP.

I am demanding (and I suggest that the SNP also should be demanding) an explanation from Mr Stewart about the following -

1) Can Mr Stewart explain his failure to reply to my email to him of 29th October 2017 - when, if ever, will he reply to my email in full, taking into account how matters have moved on since then?

2) What, if any, was Mr Stewart's part in my false arrest for innocently sending him that email? In particular, what part, if any, did he have in encouraging or not discouraging his press secretary Ms Mackenzie to make a false and malicious complaint against me in respect of me copying to her my email to him after he had invited me to make an appointment to meet with him and her?

3) Why is Mr Stewart content to remain a member of an SNP government which has so mismanaged law and order that a constituent of Aberdeen Central such as myself can be arrested, fitted up on a false charge, prosecuted in Aberdeen Sheriff Court by James Robertson Dunbar in such a manner as to pervert the course of justice and be unjustly convicted and fined £300 - all on the pretext of my innocent email to Mr Stewart copied to Ms Mackenzie?

4) Isn't it the duty of any good MSP to represent his constituents who suffer such injustices and when if ever will Mr Stewart finally represent me and my interests to the best of his abilities?

5) Will Mr Stewart demand from the SNP government the sacking of Mr Dunbar from his job as a procurator fiscal depute (update: now relocated from Aberdeen to Airdrie) for Mr Dunbar's gross incompetence and fascist violations of my legal rights under human rights legislation such as my right to freedom of expression and my right not to be discriminated against? Why is the SNP government employing a law-breaker such as Mr Dunbar as a procurator fiscal depute?

Fascist Procurator Fiscal Depute James (Jamie) Robertson Dunbar has worked in these Procurator Fiscal Offices - 1. Aberdeen, 2. Airdrie and 3. Oban where he works now.

6) If Mr Stewart can't or won't speak out against the injustice I have suffered at the hands of the SNP-mismanaged police and courts then will he resign as an MSP, following the appropriate example of his press secretary Ms Mackenzie who thankfully resigned as a SNP Aberdeen councillor recently?

Maybe at this very late stage Mr Stewart finally has an explanation or an apology to offer me about his conduct in this matter but I have not received any such yet?

I have to say that in my opinion, so far, Mr Stewart has not come out of this matter smelling of roses! At the very least Mr Stewart seems to have badly mishandled this matter so far. Mr Stewart's refusal to explain, his refusal to apologise to me is simply compounding the appearance of his guilt of wrong-doing in this matter.

Friday, 20 September 2019

2014 Scottish Indyref - Cameron, the Queen, the BBC, Salmond and Sturgeon

Here is my Scottish republican analysis of the news The National - "David Cameron reveals he asked the Queen for indyref help" which includes a response from Alex Salmond.

The signatories to the so-called "Edinburgh Agreement" to rig the Scottish independence referendum

Pandering to BBC pro-Queen and pro-Union bias which rigs Scottish politics generally and the independence referendum in particular in favour of monarch, kingdom and empire only gets SNP leaders like Salmond and Sturgeon appointed as UK puppets, to save the Queen and sacrifice Scots.

Pandering to the BBC is no way to win Scottish independence.

Scottish independence can only really be secured by Scots banning the Queen and her family from Scotland and calling on any military to enforce that ban by all means necessary.

A free and fair independence referendum can be run by first winning Scottish home rule of broadcasting so that the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood can legislate to establish a Scottish Broadcasting Corporation to replace the BBC's imperial propaganda broadcasting in Scotland.

So it would be another mistake for the SNP and the Scottish independence movement to rush into a second rigged independence campaign while the BBC dominates politics in Scotland.

Elections and referendums in the UK, north and south of the border, are simply tests of what the BBC want the brainwashed public to think.

It takes an intellectual to resist brainwashing from the BBC suggesting that the Queen is "an ideal head of state".

The indyref result was rigged not only by what the Queen said four days before the 2014 poll.

Rather, the indyref result and previous referendums and elections in Scotland were rigged by the BBC broadcasting pro-Queen and pro-Union propaganda for the whole lives of voters.

Voters have lived in a propaganda bubble and it is simply not possible for most of them to think outside of the box.

Try to understand that the sheeple have no political views of their very own.

Which Scottish elections and referendums citizens are offered, which options appear on the ballot, what voting for those options and the results might mean in practice, is all determined by how voters have been brainwashed by the BBC.

Not only was the Scottish independence campaign rigged by the BBC not broadcasting me on TV during the campaign and for years before (not since 2008) -
- but my campaigning online was obstructed for the final 7 weeks of the campaign when, in July 2014, the police raided my Aberdeen flat, arrested me, seized my computer equipment with all my science research data and I was terrorised by Aberdeen Sheriff Court threatening to keep me locked up if I didn't obey an illegal bail condition to stop me accessing internet social media and my own website - in a flagrant violation of my legal human rights to freedom of expression and to not be discriminated against.

The police and courts which took me political prisoner in July 2014 and terrorised me into silence for the independence campaign were misgoverned by the UK puppet First Minister Alex Salmond, Salmond's justice minister Kenny MacAskill, Salmond's Chief Constable of Police Scotland, Sir Stephen House and Salmond's Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland - and Salmond's fascist prosecutors here in Aberdeen, likes of James Robertson Dunbar.

Salmond is the Queen's man who appointed other Queen's men to rig the independence campaign to save the Queen, to allow BBC managers in Scotland to maintain the BBC's pro-union bias, to arrest and ban me from the campaign online etc.

It all goes to prove that Salmond was always just a puppet of the UK, just a useful idiot for the UK to present to Scots a puppet version of Scottish "independence" politics that was highly dependent on the UK and dependent on the monarchy, whose independence campaign could be so easily frustrated and defeated like taking candy from a baby.

Sturgeon, the next SNP UK's puppet first minister, then claimed that the independence referendum was "free and fair" - because in Sturgeon's view of course anything which led to her becoming First Minister was, according to her, "free and fair".

So the SNP are being very badly misled by Queen's politicians - like Sturgeon's government - who are simply incapable of delivering independence.

The SNP under present leadership are puppets of the UK who enslave and abuse Scots on behalf of the United Kingdom with one overriding mission - to save the Queen.

The SNP needs new leadership and I would be happy to offer the SNP the leadership that Scots deserve, that really would deliver true independence by sending the Queen and her family packing.

Click to read Peter Dow's Plan B for Scottish Independence 

I have published in this blog a full account of how I was raided, arrested, had my computer equipment seized and kept on the orders of the fascist procurator fiscal depute James Robertson Dunbar for 2+ years.

Saturday, 17 August 2019

Photos from today's march for Scottish independence in Aberdeen

It was a sunny day, with occasional short but heavy showers, for the march for Scottish independence in Aberdeen today, organised by All Under One Banner.

Making my way though the terrace gardens to the back of the march as it formed-up on Albyn Place.

View from the back of the march before it started

Another selfie of me waiting for the start of the independence march

The march passed Colin Fox who had parked up the Scottish Socialist Party van on Albyn Place.

The march went smoothly, seemingly well-received by onlookers, apart from a pocket of union flag waving unionists on Union Street (where else?). The march ended without incident at the Castlegate for a rally with bands and political speakers.

This is my selfie with Tommy, a socialist comrade from Aberdeen, who I chatted with, which was nice.

Friday, 16 August 2019

Ready for the march for Scottish independence in Aberdeen tomorrow!

Photo: That's me, this evening, in my dress-rehearsal for tomorrow's big march, pictured beside my window display on Hollybank Place, Aberdeen, which features a big screen TV which has been advertising for the independence march for the past couple of weeks or so.

I'm ready to go, even though my "Standard Bearer" jacket is a lot tighter than it was in 2008!

Sunday, 4 August 2019

Road Map to Scottish Independence + Aberdeen March.

Peter Dow's Road Map to Scottish Independence 

We march for independence raising our own Scottish flags in defiance of the tyranny of the United Kingdom.
We note the unjustified arrests in Scotland by the United Kingdom police force styled as "Police Scotland".
We note the unjustified imprisonments in United Kingdom prisons styled as "Her Majesty's Prisons".
We are offended by these UK violations of the constitutional rights and freedoms of the People of Scotland.
We assert and act in defence of the constitutional sovereignty of the People of Scotland.
We overthrow the misrule of the United Kingdom and its monarch, Queen Elizabeth.
We ban Queen Elizabeth and her family from Scotland!
We call on any military to enforce our ban by using all means necessary!
We unilaterally declare that Scotland is an independent country!
We call on the Scottish Parliament to agree a motion in similar terms.


March for Independence, Aberdeen, Saturday, 17th August 2019

Links for "All Under One Banner" March for Independence - Aberdeen organisers

AUOB - Website - Twitter - Facebook 

Monday, 11 February 2019

Window-banging lout, Hollybank Place, Aberdeen. 10th February 2019

Do you know who this man is?

I would like to know his name and address so that I can complain to the police about him banging on my window at night and disturbing my peace.

If you have any helpful information which can identify this man or his companions then please type a comment about this video or contact me privately.

Email -
Tel. 01224 583906

If telephoning always leave a message on my answering machine. I will pick up if I want to speak to you.