Wednesday, 5 October 2016

In 1994 I was fined then jailed for doing my duty to prevent fraud.

If they had listened to me then Mr Chhokar would be alive today.

BBC: Ronnie Coulter convicted of 1998 Chhokar murder after second trial

The Chhokar murder arose from an argument over a stolen giro-cheque, which could only have value to any thief because of the incompetent policy of the Post Office which was (still is?) to cash giro-cheques to the bearer WITHOUT ASKING FOR IDENTIFICATION if the amount of the cheque was under £100.

In other words, the victim would be ALIVE today if the Giro-cheque payment system at the Post Office was competently managed to prevent fraud.

So the Post Office insisting on their right to make fraudulent payments has cost a man his life.

So the police and prosecutors insisting on arresting, prosecuting, convicting, fining and jailing someone (that would be me in 1994) who protests this mismanagement of the Post Office instead of arresting and prosecuting Post Office management has cost a man his life.

So the pro-fraud police state jailed me and it cost a man his life.

So there should in addition now be a conviction of the government ministers and head of state in the 1990s that allowed the post office to encourage fraud.

The following persons should stand trial for allowing fraud and risking lives in the 1990s
  • Head of state - Queen Elizabeth, 
  • Prime Ministers John Major, Tony Blair and 
  • Secretaries of State for Scotland - Ian Lang, Michael Forsyth, Donald Dewar (Dewar was also First Minister and is now dead so too late to prosecute him)
So-called "Conviction" of Alastair Peter Dow
27/09/94 Aberdeen District Breach of the Peace £50 - refused to pay, later jailed for a few days in Craiginches Prison, Aberdeen for non-payment
by the order of Justice of the Peace Mike Hastie.

Post office was habitually cashing stolen giro cheques in my name which had been stolen from the communal mailbox at my address. The post office practice was to cash the giro without asking the thief for any ID thus providing an incentive for the thief to return every fortnight to steal my giro. So I remonstrated with post office manager.

I do not admit this conviction because there was a miscarriage of justice. The post office manager was assisting fraud and I was right to point this out and to insist that the post office practice of fraudulently cashing giro cheques in my name should cease.

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