Saturday, 17 August 2019

Photos from today's march for Scottish independence in Aberdeen

It was a sunny day, with occasional short but heavy showers, for the march for Scottish independence in Aberdeen today, organised by All Under One Banner.

Making my way though the terrace gardens to the back of the march as it formed-up on Albyn Place.

View from the back of the march before it started

Another selfie of me waiting for the start of the independence march

The march passed Colin Fox who had parked up the Scottish Socialist Party van on Albyn Place.

The march went smoothly, seemingly well-received by onlookers, apart from a pocket of union flag waving unionists on Union Street (where else?). The march ended without incident at the Castlegate for a rally with bands and political speakers.

This is my selfie with Tommy, a socialist comrade from Aberdeen, who I chatted with, which was nice.

Friday, 16 August 2019

Ready for the march for Scottish independence in Aberdeen tomorrow!

Photo: That's me, this evening, in my dress-rehearsal for tomorrow's big march, pictured beside my window display on Hollybank Place, Aberdeen, which features a big screen TV which has been advertising for the independence march for the past couple of weeks or so.

I'm ready to go, even though my "Standard Bearer" jacket is a lot tighter than it was in 2008!

Sunday, 4 August 2019

Road Map to Scottish Independence + Aberdeen March.

Peter Dow's Road Map to Scottish Independence 

We march for independence raising our own Scottish flags in defiance of the tyranny of the United Kingdom.
We note the unjustified arrests in Scotland by the United Kingdom police force styled as "Police Scotland".
We note the unjustified imprisonments in United Kingdom prisons styled as "Her Majesty's Prisons".
We are offended by these UK violations of the constitutional rights and freedoms of the People of Scotland.
We assert and act in defence of the constitutional sovereignty of the People of Scotland.
We overthrow the misrule of the United Kingdom and its monarch, Queen Elizabeth.
We ban Queen Elizabeth and her family from Scotland!
We call on any military to enforce our ban by using all means necessary!
We unilaterally declare that Scotland is an independent country!
We call on the Scottish Parliament to agree a motion in similar terms.


March for Independence, Aberdeen, Saturday, 17th August 2019

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