Sunday, 22 September 2019

Aberdeen Council by-election Torry and Ferryhill - questions for the SNP

As a voter who lives in Ferryhill, I would be concerned in case the SNP put up another candidate like Ms Mackenzie who was paid by SNP MSP for Aberdeen Central Kevin Stewart it seems to make a false and treacherous complaint to the police about me and then to bear false witness in Aberdeen Sheriff Court against me.

Panto Villain Kevin Stewart MSP

Stewart has brought the SNP into disrepute

What assurance can the SNP candidate give voters in Torry and Ferryhill that we will be properly represented and not treacherously misrepresented by the SNP as I have been by both Ms Mackenzie and Mr Stewart?

I feel badly betrayed by Mr Stewart's perverse and inexplicable misbehaviour in respect of an email I sent to him as the MSP for Aberdeen Central.

I have asked the SNP to investigate Mr Stewart's misbehaviour in this matter and if his explanation is unsatisfactory then to find him guilty of bringing the SNP into disrepute and to expel him from the SNP.

I am demanding (and I suggest that the SNP also should be demanding) an explanation from Mr Stewart about the following -

1) Can Mr Stewart explain his failure to reply to my email to him of 29th October 2017 - when, if ever, will he reply to my email in full, taking into account how matters have moved on since then?

2) What, if any, was Mr Stewart's part in my false arrest for innocently sending him that email? In particular, what part, if any, did he have in encouraging or not discouraging his press secretary Ms Mackenzie to make a false and malicious complaint against me in respect of me copying to her my email to him after he had invited me to make an appointment to meet with him and her?

3) Why is Mr Stewart content to remain a member of an SNP government which has so mismanaged law and order that a constituent of Aberdeen Central such as myself can be arrested, fitted up on a false charge, prosecuted in Aberdeen Sheriff Court by James Robertson Dunbar in such a manner as to pervert the course of justice and be unjustly convicted and fined £300 - all on the pretext of my innocent email to Mr Stewart copied to Ms Mackenzie?

4) Isn't it the duty of any good MSP to represent his constituents who suffer such injustices and when if ever will Mr Stewart finally represent me and my interests to the best of his abilities?

5) Will Mr Stewart demand from the SNP government the sacking of Mr Dunbar from his job as a procurator fiscal depute (update: now relocated from Aberdeen to Airdrie) for Mr Dunbar's gross incompetence and fascist violations of my legal rights under human rights legislation such as my right to freedom of expression and my right not to be discriminated against? Why is the SNP government employing a law-breaker such as Mr Dunbar as a procurator fiscal depute?

Fascist Procurator Fiscal Depute James (Jamie) Robertson Dunbar has worked in these Procurator Fiscal Offices - 1. Aberdeen, 2. Airdrie and 3. Oban where he works now.

6) If Mr Stewart can't or won't speak out against the injustice I have suffered at the hands of the SNP-mismanaged police and courts then will he resign as an MSP, following the appropriate example of his press secretary Ms Mackenzie who thankfully resigned as a SNP Aberdeen councillor recently?

Maybe at this very late stage Mr Stewart finally has an explanation or an apology to offer me about his conduct in this matter but I have not received any such yet?

I have to say that in my opinion, so far, Mr Stewart has not come out of this matter smelling of roses! At the very least Mr Stewart seems to have badly mishandled this matter so far. Mr Stewart's refusal to explain, his refusal to apologise to me is simply compounding the appearance of his guilt of wrong-doing in this matter.

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