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2014 Scottish Indyref - Cameron, the Queen, the BBC, Salmond and Sturgeon

Here is my Scottish republican analysis of the news The National - "David Cameron reveals he asked the Queen for indyref help" which includes a response from Alex Salmond.

The signatories to the so-called "Edinburgh Agreement" to rig the Scottish independence referendum

Pandering to BBC pro-Queen and pro-Union bias which rigs Scottish politics generally and the independence referendum in particular in favour of monarch, kingdom and empire only gets SNP leaders like Salmond and Sturgeon appointed as UK puppets, to save the Queen and sacrifice Scots.

Pandering to the BBC is no way to win Scottish independence.

Scottish independence can only really be secured by Scots banning the Queen and her family from Scotland and calling on any military to enforce that ban by all means necessary.

A free and fair independence referendum can be run by first winning Scottish home rule of broadcasting so that the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood can legislate to establish a Scottish Broadcasting Corporation to replace the BBC's imperial propaganda broadcasting in Scotland.

So it would be another mistake for the SNP and the Scottish independence movement to rush into a second rigged independence campaign while the BBC dominates politics in Scotland.

Elections and referendums in the UK, north and south of the border, are simply tests of what the BBC want the brainwashed public to think.

It takes an intellectual to resist brainwashing from the BBC suggesting that the Queen is "an ideal head of state".

The indyref result was rigged not only by what the Queen said four days before the 2014 poll.

Rather, the indyref result and previous referendums and elections in Scotland were rigged by the BBC broadcasting pro-Queen and pro-Union propaganda for the whole lives of voters.

Voters have lived in a propaganda bubble and it is simply not possible for most of them to think outside of the box.

Try to understand that the sheeple have no political views of their very own.

Which Scottish elections and referendums citizens are offered, which options appear on the ballot, what voting for those options and the results might mean in practice, is all determined by how voters have been brainwashed by the BBC.

Not only was the Scottish independence campaign rigged by the BBC not broadcasting me on TV during the campaign and for years before (not since 2008) -
- but my campaigning online was obstructed for the final 7 weeks of the campaign when, in July 2014, the police raided my Aberdeen flat, arrested me, seized my computer equipment with all my science research data and I was terrorised by Aberdeen Sheriff Court threatening to keep me locked up if I didn't obey an illegal bail condition to stop me accessing internet social media and my own website - in a flagrant violation of my legal human rights to freedom of expression and to not be discriminated against.

The police and courts which took me political prisoner in July 2014 and terrorised me into silence for the independence campaign were misgoverned by the UK puppet First Minister Alex Salmond, Salmond's justice minister Kenny MacAskill, Salmond's Chief Constable of Police Scotland, Sir Stephen House and Salmond's Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland - and Salmond's fascist prosecutors here in Aberdeen, likes of James Robertson Dunbar.

Salmond is the Queen's man who appointed other Queen's men to rig the independence campaign to save the Queen, to allow BBC managers in Scotland to maintain the BBC's pro-union bias, to arrest and ban me from the campaign online etc.

It all goes to prove that Salmond was always just a puppet of the UK, just a useful idiot for the UK to present to Scots a puppet version of Scottish "independence" politics that was highly dependent on the UK and dependent on the monarchy, whose independence campaign could be so easily frustrated and defeated like taking candy from a baby.

Sturgeon, the next SNP UK's puppet first minister, then claimed that the independence referendum was "free and fair" - because in Sturgeon's view of course anything which led to her becoming First Minister was, according to her, "free and fair".

So the SNP are being very badly misled by Queen's politicians - like Sturgeon's government - who are simply incapable of delivering independence.

The SNP under present leadership are puppets of the UK who enslave and abuse Scots on behalf of the United Kingdom with one overriding mission - to save the Queen.

The SNP needs new leadership and I would be happy to offer the SNP the leadership that Scots deserve, that really would deliver true independence by sending the Queen and her family packing.

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I have published in this blog a full account of how I was raided, arrested, had my computer equipment seized and kept on the orders of the fascist procurator fiscal depute James Robertson Dunbar for 2+ years.

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