Sunday, 31 December 2017

I am to be prosecuted for replying to my MSPs letter

I am being prosecuted for replying, by email, to this letter, addressed to me, from my Member of the Scottish Parliament for Aberdeen Central, Kevin Stewart MSP, which I received by post.

Since my last blog post, I received a letter, with court papers in it, from a solicitor colleague of Sheena Mair's, a Miss Keidra Morrison of Bydand Defence, saying "As neither myself or Miss Mair were in a position to represent your interests at any future court dates you were advised that you would require to seek alternative legal representation".

I did try to contact both Sheena Mair and Keidra Morrison to ask them to re-consider if they might be prepared to represent me but I have had no further reply from either of them. So it looks like I am on my own again.

I would very much prefer to be represented by a woman solicitor for this case in particular. So if there is a woman solicitor out there who would like to volunteer to represent me I would be very much relieved.

So while I wish you all a very Happy New Year, I am very sad to report that, as a former political prisoner, I fear that in 2018 I will suffer again for my political beliefs, enduring further cruel threats, abuse and loss of my liberty at the hands of the Queen's (and SNP government's) police, prosecutors, courts and maybe prisons too.