Sunday, 8 December 2019


The political map of the UK general election results in 2017 in Scotland, presents Scots with one opportunity to STOP THE TORIES in the parts of Scotland where the Tories won seats last time - Aberdeen South, Aberdeenshire and the North East, Stirling Ochil and South Perthshire, the South and the Borders etc. - and that is to vote for the SNP on Thursday as the party which came 2nd last time in those Westminster seats and the only party which has a real chance of beating the Tories in the seats that they hold.

This is a first past the post election so voting any other way in Tory-held seats would risk letting the Tories back in without a fight.

The polls are warning that Tories could win big in England and that would mean a world of hurt for Scotland under Prime Minister Boris Johnson, our only escape from which could be to win independence, which the SNP do support, whereas Labour and the Liberal Democrats as unionists expect us Scots to suffer under any UK Government, no matter how terrible for Scots.

I don't even believe that the Tories can be trusted with regard to fishing rights because they have done nothing to get UK waters out of the European Union Common Fisheries Policy since the LEAVE vote 3+ years ago when they could easily have ordered the Royal Navy to exclude foreign fishing boats but never did anything to protect our fishing waters and fishing stocks. Knowing the treacherous Tories, they will sell our fishing industry out once again.

I've got my own particular reasons for not trusting the Tories here in Aberdeen - the time years ago that Aberdeen Conservative Councillor and Justice of the Peace Michael Hastie was too weak to stand up against Post Office financial mismanagement encouraging the crimes of fraud, theft and robbery and endangering victims with violence, leading to at least one murder that we know of.

Hastie fined and jailed me rather than support my rights and duty to blow the whistle about the urgent need for crime prevention action.
Tory stupidity, criminality and treachery is about as bad as it gets so we must use our votes tactically to stop the Tories wherever we can.