Tuesday, 23 January 2018

No threats and no abuse in my emails to Catriona Mackenzie


After the Press and Journal has today published
“Political activist” accused of sending SNP councillor “sexually offensive” emails
now is the right time finally to publish the facts and the emails, in full, for all to judge for themselves.

At this stage, in order to defend my political reputation, I must publish the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

My defence rests on three points -

  • my emails were those of a gentleman which contained nothing which a lady had any good reason to be alarmed or offended about
  • my respectful apology to the complainant, Councillor Catriona Mackenzie, for anything in my emails which was not to her liking
  • even if the complainant chooses to take offence herself, there was no threat and no abuse in my email and therefore there was no crime

ONLY 2 EMAILS - not "a string"

The fact is I sent only two emails to Catriona Mackenzie.

The court papers have misled the Press and Journal and the people by deliberately omitting the fact that there were only two emails which I sent to Catriona Mackenzie which have been complained about by the prosecutors.

The prosecutors have misleadingly trumped-up and sexed-up[1] the court papers to try to make their false charge against me stick by omitting from the charge the fact that there were only 2 emails sent over a six month period -
  • the first email on 29th April 2017
  • the second email on 29th October 2017
The first email was sent in April 2017 in response to the news that Catriona Mackenzie was standing as a candidate for election to Aberdeen City Council.

I received no complaint about my first email to Catriona Mackenzie for months. Not from her. Not from anybody. As far as I knew for six months, there had been no problem with my first email and no reason for me not to send another email sometime.

The second email, sent a whole six months later, in October 2017, was in response to a letter I received by post from Councillor Mackenzie's SNP colleague, Mr Kevin Stewart MSP, inviting me to meet with Councillor Mackenzie and himself.

To read the invite letter I received to meet with Councillor Mackenzie, read my Hogmanay blog post - I am to be prosecuted for replying to my MSPs letter

My reply email to Mr Stewart was responding to his invite to meet with Councillor Mackenzie and so I naturally copied my email to her, so as not to talk about her behind her back.

The fact that only 2 emails were sent, 6 months apart, is described by Ben Hendry reporting for the Press and Journal's story as "a string of emails over six-month period".

Actually, the prosecutor's trumped-up and sexed-up charge does not say "a string of emails" it says "repeatedly send ... email messages".

Whether what is averred to be "repeatedly send ... email messages" or a "string of emails", the prosecutors have deliberately refused to state in the charge that only the two emails were sent, deliberately exaggerating the number of emails which were sent.

For a prosecutor to deliberately mislead by refusing to disclose the relevant facts, like there were only a couple of emails sent, not more, is tantamount to a conspiracy by the prosecutors concerned to pervert the course of justice, to defeat the ends of justice, which is itself a crime.

Procurator Fiscal Depute Colin Neilson
So the procurator fiscal depute who appeared for the Crown on Monday, a Mr Colin Neilson, should, at the very least, be sacked as a prosecutor for bringing the reputation of the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service into disrepute and Neilson should also be disbarred as a lawyer by being struck off the list of solicitors by the Law Society of Scotland for bringing the reputation of the legal profession into disrepute.

Oh and it was the disreputable Mr Neilson too who asked Aberdeen Sheriff Court to set up a secret police state in Aberdeen by preventing me from complaining to the Crown Office in Edinburgh. Sheriff Buchanan did not go along with that 100%, allowing me an exception to email the complaints and response and information unit email addresses of the Crown Office though the Sheriff has prevented me from emailing other procurator fiscal offices throughout Scotland, which I want to be free to do to allow for a process of peer review by other procurator fiscals who have a job to do and don't want their good name dragged through the mud by the likes of Neilson and his incompetent colleagues in Aberdeen Procurator Fiscal's Office.

The bail condition violates my human right of freedom of expression which is established by law, (actually by Article 10 of Schedule 1 of the Human Rights Act 1998) not by whether or not the Sheriff sees any need for me to have freedom of expression.

I have sent no more emails to Catriona Mackenzie after receiving the very first complaint and I don't intend to send her any more emails, unless both

  1. the bail conditions are lifted and 
  2. I am invited to email her. 

which I am not expecting any time soon but, as they say, a week is a long time in politics!



From: Peter Dow
Date: 29 April 2017 at 11:45
Subject: Peter Dow wants to meet Catriona Mackenzie for Torry & Ferryhill
To: Catriona Mackenzie

Dear Catriona,
I live in Ferryhill and usually vote SNP.
Are you meeting voters? I think I might like to meet you. (Full disclosure, I'm 56 year old bachelor with an interest in younger ladies)
Peter Dow, Science & Politics
Sciences - Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Energy, Engineering, Social
Politics - Republican Socialist, Liberal Democrat, Scottish Nationalist, Internationalist
Bachelor of Science with Honours
Ground Right Flat
21 Hollybank Place
AB11 6XR
Tel. 01224 583906 (landline)
If telephoning on my landline always leave a message
Tel. 07449 993 678 (smartphone)
Tel. 078560 23313 (mobile)


From: Peter Dow
Date: 29 October 2017 at 14:15
Subject: Kevin Stewart MSP - Constituents' Surgery Ferryhill Library, Monday 6 November 2017
To: Kevin Stewart_MSP
Cc: Catriona Mackenzie , cmackenzie@aberdeencity.gov.uk, DC Nicola McGlashan

To Kevin Stewart MSP for Aberdeen Central
Your Reference: KS/AM/5/SURGERY/17
CC: Catriona MacKenzie, DC Nicola McGlashin, Police Scotland
Kevin Stewart MSP - Constituents' Surgery Ferryhill Library,  Monday 6 November 2017
Dear Mr Kevin Stewart,
Thank you very much for your letter by post kindly inviting me to a constituents' surgery on Monday 6 November 2017 from 4pm at Ferryhill Library, Fonthill Road, Aberdeen AB11 6UP.
As it happens I did write asking for social security help on 22nd June 2017 to Social Security Minister Jeane Freeman MSP.
I have copied my email to Ms Freeman below and the reply I got from a Mr Stuart Brown of Ms Freeman's social security team, also copied below and see attached file "Scottish Government Stuart Brown to Peter Dow 17 July 2017.pdf"
As I did for my email to Ms Freeman, I have attached a file with my grounds for appeal to Her Majesty's Courts and Tribunal Service for the restoration of my Employment and Support Allowance social security payments, attached file "grounds for appeal Dow.rtf".
I can provide for you on request copies of supporting documentary evidence which I have quoted in my grounds for appeal on request.
Additionally, as my political representative, Mr Stewart, I would like you to know that it really offends me as a republican that the only appeal I have against the decision of the Department of Work and Pensions - Jobcentre decision to stop my social security benefits is to appeal to a Queen's appeal tribunal. Republicans as you probably know prefer to elect the head of state, an elected president and do not prefer to have a monarch imposed without election.
Additionally, I feel that I have never been treated justly by any of the Queen's courts - whether they be the Aberdeen District Court, Aberdeen Sheriff Court or the Scottish Supreme Court in Edinburgh. I have been subjected to various miscarriages of justice whether they be big or small.
Therefore I hold out no real hope nor prospect of receiving justice from Her Majesty's Court and Tribunal Service either, though I am going through the motions of appealing to the Queen's tribunal because that is the only appeal process open to me that I know of.
As you may be aware by now, I am a prolific email writer so when I have a matter that I need to raise with you, Mr Stewart, or with my local councillor, Catriona MacKenzie or with others, I usually find that I can make myself understood in writing.
Therefore I see no need great urgency to attend your surgery in Ferryhill Library on Monday 6th November, to meet with you personally though I would be pleased to receive a reply from you by writing to confirm that you are now aware of the social security crisis I have been suffering since January this year.
Regarding My Local Councillor Catriona MacKenzie
I regret that I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting Councillor Catriona MacKenzie, because after hearing her speak on the radio, I expect that meeting such an impressive young lady would no doubt be a great pleasure for me, if not for her.😁
I did write
To: Catriona MacKenzie
From: Peter Dow
Date: 29 April 2017 at 11:45
Subject: Peter Dow wants to meet Catriona Mackenzie for Torry & Ferryhill
but I didn't get any reply from Catriona MacKenzie or from anyone on her behalf.
I assumed then that, sadly, Catriona MacKenzie was not interested in meeting me, or she had better things to do, but I will copy this email to her in case, now, as my local elected councillor, Councillor Catriona MacKenzie does now want to meet me in which case I, of course, invite Councillor MacKenzie around to visit me at my home at Ground Floor Right, 21 Hollybank Place, Aberdeen at whatever time is convenient for her, though if she wants me shaved, showered and presentable for her then she had better give me some notice of when she intends visiting me.
It would be perfectly fine and expected if when visiting me Councillor Catriona MacKenzie wishes to visit me accompanied by any number of other women (women only please), whether women SNP party colleagues, women police officers or whichever other women Councillor Catriona MacKenzie feels she would like to accompany her for reasons of ensuring her personal security and to ensure that I was perfectly well behaved as a gentleman should always be with the ladies.
In terms of which women police officers Catriona could invite to accompany her to visit me, I might I suggest that Councillor MacKenzie might ask Detective Constable (which was her police rank in 2014 though she have been promoted since or she may have left the employment of Police Scotland altogether, I simply do not know, not having heard from her again) Nicola McGlashan.
I was pleased to receive a visit to my home from DC Nicola McGlashan in July 2014 when she was accompanied by a number of male police colleagues for a police raid of my flat so whilst the circumstances were generally somewhat stressful for me, DC Nicola McGlashan's presence made the whole event more tolerable for me.
I wish to thank DC Nicola McGashan once again for adding her female touch to the proceedings of that police raid and my arrest, so I will copy this email to what I assume to be her email address, but of that I am not sure either.
Whether by accident or design, at one point during the police raid, I was standing in handcuffs in my front room before DC Nicola McGlashan and her male police colleagues without any trousers or underpants on, which in retrospect amuses me somewhat.
I would very much like another opportunity for the thrill to be partially undressed again before DC Nicola McGlashan and indeed before as many other women police officers as would like to visit me. I do like the ladies very much indeed but I don't get out much and sadly have precious few opportunities to meet ladies, which can be a source of some frustration for me I must confess.
I do hope it is not inappropriate to suggest that if Councillor Catriona MacKenzie would like to see me half-naked or indeed fully naked at my home then I surely would oblige her at her convenience?
Rest assured that I am not about to undress without being invited to do so simply because I meet Councillor Catriona MacKenzie or any other woman. I do not have any record of getting arrested, charged and convicted for being naked in public and neither do I wish to risk such arrest.
My point is that if the ladies, women police officers, councillors, whomsoever, wish to see me undressed in the privacy of my own home then all they have to do is to ask and I will happily oblige.
However, I would respectfully suggest to all such fine ladies, be they women police officers or women councillors, that there is no need to bring any male police officers with you at all because I am a gentleman and my love is very much for the ladies only.
Yours sincerely,
(Alastair) Peter Dow
Bachelor of Science with Honours
Ground Right Flat
21 Hollybank Place
AB11 6XR
Tel. 01224 583906 (landline)
If telephoning on my landline always leave a message
Tel. 07449 993 678 (smartphone)
Tel. 078560 23313 (mobile)
Science and Politics http://scot.tk


[1] "sexed up" is a buzzword which means here "to make changes to something, in this context the charge, in order to make it seem more significant, exciting or interesting than the facts would warrant"

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Aberdeen's rogue prosecutors want GESTAPO powers

This Monday in Aberdeen Sheriff Court, the Aberdeen prosecutors will be applying for GESTAPO-style SECRET POLICE STATE powers, to run Aberdeen like a STATE-WITHIN-A-STATE.

The Aberdeen Procurator Fiscal's Office want to add a new bail condition to make it a crime for me to try to contact any other employees of Scotland's Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service except those in Aberdeen managing my case.

Then if I dared to defy that new bail condition to make a complaint to the Crown Office in Edinburgh, the prosecutors would have their excuse to get me locked up again as a political prisoner without even having one of their usual show trials and miscarriages of justice.

To blow the whistle on these fascist prosecutors, I have today complained to the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service in Edinburgh and copied my email to Procurator Fiscal's Offices across Scotland - before the new bail condition is added. Hopefully, the Sheriff won't add that new bail condition but better to blow the whistle now just in case.


To: COMPLAINTS, Response and Information Unit, Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service
CC: Procurator Fiscal Offices throughout Scotland

Dear Sir/Madam,

I wish to COMPLAIN about the ROGUE ABERDEEN Procurator Fiscal Office - a SECRET POLICE STATE within a state.

I am writing to alert you about the imminent attempt by the rogue Procurator Fiscal Aberdeen Office to keep their rogue operation in Aberdeen secret from the rest of the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service in Scotland.

If you never hear from me again it will be because the ROGUE ABERDEEN Procurator Fiscal Summary Team have obtained the following bail condition from Aberdeen Sheriff Court on Monday - see the attached scan-in of a copy of the document which they have lodged with Aberdeen Sheriff Court which requests this bail condition

1. That the accused does not contact or attempt to contact any employees of the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service by any means save for contact via the following email address: 

In particular, this attempted bail condition if approved and enforced would prevent me from complaining to the Response and Information Unit of the Crown Office in Edinburgh as I am doing now.

This abuse of power threatens that the Aberdeen Procurator Fiscal Summary team would be -

* free from my ability to complain again about their incompetence and mistakes
* free to keep whatever they do in my case a secret from the rest of the COPFS,
* free to pervert the course of justice & defeat the ends of justice,
* free from all scrutiny from the Crown Office
* free to run a rogue operation doing whatever they like
* free from any review by their peers in other COPFS offices
* free from all accountability
* free from the rule of law
* free from the obligation to serve the Scottish government and the people
* free from political accountability to the Scottish Parliament
* free to enslave me
* free to enslave anyone else in Aberdeen in future with a similar measure
* free to impose a secret police state of their very own in Aberdeen

I am complaining now because this may be my very last chance to complain before I am secretly enslaved by the Aberdeen Procurator Fiscal secret police state within a state.

Yours sincerely
(Alastair) Peter Dow

Friday, 19 January 2018

I'm being terrorised into the dock of Aberdeen Sheriff Court on Monday

I'm being terrorised again by the UK royalist, fascist police state with the abusive threat of being taken political prisoner again to force me to appear in Aberdeen Sheriff Court on Monday for another of the Queen's courts' show trials and miscarriages of justice.
           Accused Details              Court Ref No             PF Ref No       Court Room
Alastair Peter DOW       SCS/2017-113346        AB17011493      Court 3

The trumped-up charge this time is

I still have no solicitor so I will be representing myself and I will be pleading "NOT-GUILTY". 😇