Tuesday, 20 February 2018

St Valentine's week miscarriage of justice at Aberdeen Sheriff Court

Attention all those Scottish gentlemen and ladies who sent a Valentine's Day card last week.

BEWARE of the censorious prudes of the SNP-mismanaged police and courts.

Faint heart never won fair lady but brave heart may get you arrested by Police "Gestapo" Scotland and then prosecuted, convicted and fined by their FemiNazi courts.

They claimed that me sending 2 flirtatious emails 6 months apart was "an offence which spans 6 months". Really?

Next will they be claiming that anyone sending 2 Valentine's Day cards, on consecutive years is "an offence which spans 12 months"?

It was fair enough for Councillor Catriona Mackenzie to complain that my emails were "inappropriate". As a gentleman, I will always respect and honour any woman's requests not to send her any more emails, of course.

However those 2 emails I had sent before I had received any complaint from Councillor Mackenzie or from someone on her behalf. My emails were sent in sincere good faith in reply to her election campaign material and Kevin Stewart MSP's letter to me and without any intention to pester or annoy the good lady against her wishes.

Therefore Councillor Mackenzie had no good reason to imagine that she was under any kind of a "threat" from me because she wasn't, she isn't and she never will be.

Any "threat" which Councillor Mackenzie claims to have perceived was a figment of her own overactive imagination. Her friends, Kevin Stewart MSP, the police, the prosecutors and the sheriff all had a duty to tell her to "calm down dear" but none of them did their duty, sadly.

Instead they violated their duty by forcing me into the dock and by encouraging Councillor Mackenzie to make a fool of herself in the witness box.

Their claims that my emails were "offensive" are not reasonable, in my opinion.

In my opinion, Jamie Dunbar is not a reasonable man - neither prosecuting this "2 flirtatious emails" case nor prosecuting the "anti-Queen tweets" case either.

In my opinion, Jamie Dunbar should not be employed as a prosecutor anywhere in Scotland. He should be sacked by the Scottish government forthwith.

Sheriff Margaret Hodge

In my opinion, Margaret Hodge is not a particularly reasonable woman either. She allowed herself to be led by the nose by Dunbar, parroting him word for word.

In my opinion, Hodge is not best employed as a Sheriff. She should probably be demoted and reemployed to a less critical job soon but only as and when she could be replaced by another woman sheriff.

As a radical feminist myself, I believe that Scotland needs more women on the bench, not fewer, and so I would not want to be to the one to reduce the overall numbers of women on the bench by even one.

For the full text of my emails, see my blog post of TUESDAY, 23 JANUARY 2018
No threats and no abuse in my emails to Catriona Mackenzie

Self-styled political activist fined after sexually suggestive emails to Aberdeen councillor

Peter Dow was fined for sending sexually suggestive emails to a city councillor.

A self-styled political activist has been fined after sending a city councillor sexually suggestive e-mails.

Peter Dow was convicted of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner towards Catriona Mackenzie, who represents the Torry and Ferryhill ward, at Aberdeen Sheriff Court yesterday following a short trial.

The 57-year-old had denied the charge but yesterday Sheriff Margaret Hodge found him guilty of the offence, which spanned a six-month period last year.

Miss Mackenzie gave evidence yesterday where she told fiscal depute Jamie Dunbar she had never met Dow, of Hollybank Place, Aberdeen, but was aware of who he was due to reports in the media.

She said she was just days away from the local government election when she received the first e-mail from Dow on April 29.

Dow’s e-mail was sent after he learned that Miss Mackenzie, who also works as a part-time press officer for Aberdeen Central MSP Kevin Stewart and Aberdeen North MP Kirsty Blackman – was standing in the election on May 5.

Mr Dunbar read out the letter, including the excerpt “Are you meeting voters? I think I might like to meet you. (Full disclosure, I’m 56-year-old bachelor with an interest in younger ladies).”

Miss Mackenzie said she was “a bit concerned” about the “inappropriate” nature of the e-mail because her home address was printed on the ballot paper.

Mr Dunbar then read out the text from another e-mail from Dow dated October 29 which was sent to Miss Mackenzie and Kevin Stewart.

In the email, Dow invited the councillor to his flat, where he offered to be “shaved, showered and presentable” for her.

It stated: “I do hope it is not inappropriate to suggest that if councillor Catriona Mackenzie would like to see me half-naked or indeed fully naked at my home then I surely would oblige her at her convenience?”

Miss Mackenzie said she was “alarmed” by this email and felt “physically sick” when she read it.

Defence agent Charlie Benzies argued that Dow was a “fantasist” who had been trying to be “flirtatious” but had not threatened Miss Mackenzie.

However, Sheriff Hodge dismissed this and found Dow guilty.

Fining Dow £300, she told him that any reasonable person would be alarmed by his e-mails, particularly the “overtly sexual” second one.

Last year Dow was in court after posting tweets on social media site Twitter threatening to kill the Queen.

He was fined £500 after being found guilty of a breach of the peace.


Anonymous said...

Er... what? Proclaiming to be feminist whilst condescendingly throwing the "feminazi" label at women who disagree with you - which side of the fence are you on Peter? Do you ever actually reflect on the chauvinist diatribe you smear across forums and comment sections?

Surely a modicum of humility in the face of a legal verdict? At least the bloody sense to realize that you are still harassing the real victims by publicly slandering them on the internet.

And what do you mean by "radical feminist"? Is that a Michael Winner inspired campaign for women's right to be in your pants... Where is this supposed to fit into your manifesto? The Democratic Peoples Republic of Dow is looking increasingly like a Little Britain sketch.

Pull it together man, your lack of self-awareness is embarrassing!

Peter Dow said...

Hi radicalfembot,

You can say "what?" again after you have watched my Women Rule! video on YouTube if you like but regardless, my approach to women in that video is not "condescending".

I have no problem with women who merely "disagree" with me. As a radical feminist, I often try to be as co-operative as I possibly can be with women who disagree with me.

So I am clearly on the side of feminists, on the opposite side of the fence to male chauvinist pigs.

There is only the one "feminazi" woman who has wrongfully and unjustly convicted and punished me in this case - Sheriff Margaret Hodge, one of Queen's Elizabeth's cruel human-rights violating judges.

If I do not pay the fine Hodge has imposed, I could be arrested, dragged before the court again and jailed for non-payment of the fine. If I resist arrest I could be injured or killed by the police or prison officers.

Margaret Hodge has threatened my life and no gentleman deserves to have his life threatened for merely sending a flirtatious email to a woman.

I am a life-long anti-fascist so it is my duty not merely "to condescend" to fascists or Nazis but to fight against them for freedom, as I am doing now, politically.

So I am willingly on the other side of the fence to the Queen's fascist prosecutors and judges. However, as an anti-fascist my opinion is that it is the fascists who should be in prison, not the anti-fascists.

The "guilty" verdict is not "legal" in this case. I made no "threat" and expressed no "abuse" towards Councillor Mackenzie. Therefore it cannot be a legal verdict to claim that I am "guilty" of threatening or abusive behaviour.

So I am the one who has been "slandered" by this false verdict. I am the real victim of false arrest, false prosecution and false conviction.

A woman who receives an unwelcome but non-threatening flirtatious remark is not a "victim" of a crime and if she happens to feel a little flustered when learning of such a flirtatious remark then her friends, elected representatives, the police and if necessary the courts, ought to advise her to calm down and regain her sense of composure.

There is no contradiction for a heterosexual man with an interest in the ladies to be a radical feminist. It is not the case that radical feminist men must be castrated.

There is no "Democratic People's Republic of Dow" in reality. I do not even have diplomatic immunity in the UK. The police come and arrest me at my Aberdeen home (which is not my castle but the scene for smash and grab raids by the UK police). I get arrested at home for what I peacefully type into my PC as I am doing now.

The UK looks as it has always done to me - as a fascist, police state. Of course it does not look that way to the feeble-minded who cannot resist BBC brainwashing.