Sunday, 7 March 2021

Police at my door today threatening to take me to Kittybrewster Police Custody Centre

Earlier today, police officers were at my Aberdeen door wanting to "speak to me" (meaning detain/arrest me and take me to Kittybrewster Police Custody centre for questioning).

Seems Sainsbury's 124-130 Holburn St, (where, until now, I had been a regular customer) made a complaint and as I confirmed in a telephone call to them this evening I'm now banned!

I know when I'm not wanted and if Aberdeen Sainsbury's don't want my custom then I am happy to shop elsewhere.

Involving the police and the police deciding to make this into a matter of taking me into custody for questioning is just way over the top and one more reason to sack Chief Constable Iain Livingstone because his command is utterly incompetent and wasteful and meanwhile real criminals are committing real crime which is not being prevented or detected.

The stupid, bad police are choosing to go after open, honest and innocent people who have nothing to hide because innocent citizens like us are so much easier to catch. Policing in this country now is a complete disgrace.

This is not good policing; this is police harassment and persecution which the SNP Government are fully funding because they want the police and courts harassing innocent individuals like me, whom they don't like, on pretexts which involve absolutely nothing criminal whatsoever.

I had a conversation about this on Twitter which I thought I would include for a complete report.

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I'm a scientist doing my duty to help to fight, contain and defeat this pandemic.

The police should stop arresting scientists and leave us to get on with our duty in the service of the people and of humanity.

When you think about it, the police are committing a crime against humanity when they interrupt scientists doing our duties for humanity.

So the SNP Government are paying police to commit crimes against humanity and that's why it is fair to call them an SNP Gestapo because the real Gestapo committed more crimes against humanity than anyone - even the SNP.

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