Monday, 26 October 2015

Scientists for Freedom of Expression in Scotland

Peter Dow

Peter Dow on Indy-Ref day, 18th September 2014
Peter Dow, B.Sc. Hons. (Edinburgh)
Former lecturer in Computing and Mathematics, Glasgow College of Nautical Studies.
Independent research in applied science.

  • Author - political, economic & social science
  • Politics - Internationalist. Republican Socialist.
  • Websites -
    "Scottish National Standard Bearer" SCOT.TK
    "For Freedom Forums" FIGH.TK
    Twitter @peterdow
  • Police quote political tweets as pretext for raid of Peter Dow's Aberdeen home in July 2014.
  • Computer with irreplaceable science data seized
  • "not like Gestapo" claims a detective constable
  • Prosecutor trumps-up ridiculous charge of "threatening communication" and court grants bail conditions limiting Dow's access to websites
  • Flimsy case demolished in 8000-word email reply

Jon Godwin

Jon Godwin
Professor Jon Godwin, MSc DPhil (Oxon) CPhys MInstP FRAS FRSS
Reader in Statistics, Institute for Society and Social Justice Research, Glasgow Caledonian University.

In emails to Peter Dow, Professor Godwin writes -
"I should of course share your deep upset at having my research and the "tools of my trade" seized from me by the powers that be. ... 
what I might be able to do to help?" 
"... commiserating with you over what seems a quite extraordinarily high-handed reaction to it, in particular considering the sometimes very colourful conversations one encounters daily on internet bulletin boards, etc etc. In particular, seizing your property in "evidence", rather than perhaps just copying whatever might be relevant to the possible case and then returning it, seems almost wilfully obstructive and I can only imagine your consternation as to what might become of it later. ..." 
"the implications for "freedom of expression" are potentially serious. Meanwhile, I wish you well and hope that this matter ends happily."
- Professor Jon Godwin, Glasgow Caledonian University, January 2015

Contact - Peter Dow, 21 Hollybank Place, Aberdeen,

Tel. 01224 583906

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