Monday, 25 August 2008

Handy links to Peter Dow's websites

Peter Dow's Political Defence blog (this)

Peter Dow's blog (the orginal)

The Scottish National Standard Bearer website by Peter Dow -

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Sianna MacDonald said...

Just shared the link to your blog and the copypaste links on Twitter, sadly am fairly new to Twitter so don't know how to check if they are removed or not, sorry. Not much help I ken but I am furious on your behalf over this. There are many supporters of independence who also face vitriol and hatred over their views that far exceed what should be expected of such things. In 21st C Scotland, to have your opinions censored and be threatened with legal action is wrong and shows, at the least, what kind of nerve you hit with them. Which means, far as I'm concerned, the views had merit and worth. ;)
Good luck for the future. Please don't stop sharing your views and opinions.

Peter Dow said...

Thank you Sianna. Your help is much appreciated. Here's a list of texts that need tweeting.

Peter Dow's political defence blog #indyref #SNP #Scotland2015 #scotnight #ScottishLabour #the45 #ReportingScotland

Peter Dow's political defence blog #indyref #SNP #KeziaDugdale #NicolaSturgeon #humanrights #bbcsp #bbcqt #BBCNews

Scottish nationalist author, Peter Dow, in Aberdeen Sheriff court for Queen-tweets #SNP #NicolaSturgeon

Aberdeen scientist, Peter Dow, faces Twitter-trial for Queen-tweets #Scotland2015 #scotnight

Scottish democratic socialist, Peter Dow, to go on trial for republican tweets #KeziaDugdale #ScottishLabour

Scottish political news: Republican Peter Dow's tweets on trial #ReportingScotland #BBCNews

Aberdeen Sheriff Court Twitter-trial of Scottish scientist Peter Dow #ScotsLaw #HumanRights

Scottish twitter-trial of Peter Dow. Should republicanism be criminalised? #bbcsp #bbcqt

Scottish independence campaigner, Peter Dow, on trial for Queen-tweets #indyref #the45

Graham Ennis said...

This whole case reeks of repression and violation of freedom of Speech.Not to mention seizure of scientific data not related in any way to the charges is a direct illegal violation of the European Charter of Human Rights.

The behavior of the police has been disgraceful.

Peter Dow said...

Thank you so much for your supportive comment Graham!