Friday, 10 March 2017

Refused sick note by Dr Adrian Crofton, Carden Medical Practice, Aberdeen

As I reported in January in this blog, I have been denied my Employment Support Allowance (ESA) by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), leaving me with no income, except my housing benefit which only covers part of my rent anyway.

I've no income at all now for food, gas, electric, telephone and broadband bills, with my savings fast dwindling. 😟

I need to appeal the DWP decision to an independent tribunal for which I have been advised I need to present fresh evidence of my fragile mental health, stress and behavioural problems, such as a new sick note from my GP.

So naturally enough I made an appointment and saw one of the doctors at my registered GPs - Carden Medical Practice / Centre - a Dr Adrian Crofton and here he is - quite a mountaineer by all accounts too.

Dr Adrian Crofton - denied me help

Crofton refused me a sick/fit note. I consider his refusal to be wrong, unhelpful and unprofessional for any health care professional and I do not wish to have any future appointments with him because I do not believe he has my best interests as a patient at heart.

On the contrary, Crofton seems entirely indifferent to my need to have my social security benefits restored. He is clearly a very heartless and a very cruel man - not what the public have come to expect from our doctors and tending to bring his employment as a doctor with the NHS in Scotland into question I might suggest.

However, Crofton got the full backing of the practice manager, Shona Alexander, who has refused to allow me to make an appointment to consult any of the other doctors in the practice to ask for a second opinion, sadly.

I wrote to Shona Alexander as follows -

Can I ask the practice to review your decision and make me another appointment? 
I have no income. I am desperately in need of a sick/fit note for my appeal.
I have been registered as a patient with Carden Medical Practice for many years and never before have I experienced such difficulties with the practice. I cannot imagine that Dr Clarke would have denied me the help that I urgently need.
Why won't Carden Medical Practice help me, one of your patients who is in desperate need?
Is the practice content to see me with no income, no money, no ability to pay my bills, struggling to pay my rent? Do you want me driven to food banks, begging on the streets and homeless? That would certainly ruin my health and likely drive to me to an early grave. 
Is hard to believe that the practice is so indifferent to my needs for social security. 
Please have mercy on your patient who is in desperate need."
But reply came there none. 😡

And it is not as if I wouldn't do anything 😉 for the fine ladies at the Carden Medical Practice if only they would get me the sick note I need to win my benefits appeal.

I'm always very happy to please the ladies for a little consideration that keeps the wolf from my door.



On the morning of the 17th March 2017, I received a letter from NHS Practioner Services informing me

"Removal from General Practitioner Lists  
We have been asked by Carden Medical Centre to remove you from their patient list because of a breakdown in the patient-doctor relationship.  
This means that you will no longer be registered with your current GP Practice after 23rd March.  
You are advised to register with another GP practice as soon as possible before the above date"
Letter from Practitioner Services

I was with Carden Medical Practice and at their previous premises as the "Queen's Road Medical Group" since I registered with Dr Geoffrey Clarke, now retired, who was a compassionate and helpful doctor, a lovely man, for more than 20+ years.

So sad that the practice's new broom have thrown me to the wolves like that. 😞

Got a sick-note, finally

Update - Monday, 27th March 2017

I got registered with another GP Practice in Aberdeen and the second of the doctors I asked there did agree to write me a sick-note, thankfully. What a relief! 😌

I'm not naming the new practice or the helpful doctor until I have a reason to do so.

The moral of the story is that with doctors, as with any other service, it pays to shop around.


Peter Dow said...

I am copying and pasting an exchange I had with someone on the internet just now, to save me repeating myself in future.

3:16 PM on 12/03/2017
Peter, Get help, you need it ;))
Comes free on benefits ;))

It is Peter Dow 3:26 PM on 12/03/2017
As it happens, I do need help.

Specifically, I need to find a doctor who will write me a sick/note in these terms which I can use as evidence for my appeal to an independent tribunal to reverse the decision of the Department of Work and Pensions decision to end my Employment and Support Allowance.

"MEDICAL REPORT I examined Mr Dow on __________________to assess his fitness to work.

He reports to me a medical history of mental ill health, stress and behavioural problems.

I can confirm that Mr Dow's mental health is fragile and that, consequently, Mr Dow is not fit for work because he would suffer from stress in a Jobcentre or any like workplace, which stress would inevitably provoke in him uncontrollable episodes of aggressive or disinhibited behaviour that would be unreasonable in any workplace.

Signature of GP."

Unfortunately, my own GP recently refused to write such a sick note for me.

So yes I do need help. Tel. 01224 583906

3:29 PM on 12/03/2017
So Peter, so you would rather be a dole funded nut than get a job and pay your way.

TheScotchProfessors 3:30 PM on 12/03/2017
And you wonder why you get laughed at ;))

It is Peter Dow 3:41 PM on 12/03/2017
On the sick, I have the time to do my unpaid voluntary duties in science and politics.

After my exclusion from both of Aberdeen's universities, leaving me with the worst possible reference "We don't allow him on our premises" employment as a scientist is impossible rendering the jobseeking activities the DWP insist on pointless, applying for
* jobs I want to do, for which I have no reference
* jobs I don't want to do, for which I have no reference
* jobs for which no reference is required, which I don't want to do

In 2006, After 20 years of applying for such jobs and getting nowhere - CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT - I had a mental breakdown and made threats of violence against the jobcentre staff - the police were called and I was banned from the jobcentre and was advised to go to my doctor for a sick note for "stress".

That was 10 years ago. This January I was struck off the sickness benefit because now they think I am "fit to work". I'm not because if I am forced by poverty to do the jobseeking again I will break down again.

So I am living off savings trying to appeal the DWP decision. If I don't win that appeal I am dead.

It is Peter Dow
3:43 PM on 12/03/2017
No I don't wonder why ignorant and cruel people laugh at me.

Anonymous said...

" jobs for which no reference is required, which I don't want to do "

You do not want to work that is plain to see with what you have said. However you want to word it or twist it to make you look like the victim you just don't want to work. You want to take the tax-payers money so you can live half a life. Pathetic for someone who claims socialist ideals.

The doctors have dealt with you in a reasonable manner, falsifying a medical document so you can get your benefits would be fraud and they are obviously not going to do that for you.

Anonymous said...

With such a fragile disposition, it's a wonder you didn't lash out in that court room. It's hard to believe that the job centre is a more stressful environment than in the dock for treason or whatever. Statistically, the majority of people are doing jobs they don't want to - this isn't an excuse not to work.

Peter Dow said...


I simply have no prospects of even being considered for appropriate scientific work because of
a) my 30 year history of social security - 20 year unemployed and 10 years on the sick
b) I have the worst possible reference from the 2 last universities I attended - "We don't allow him back on the premises"

There's no employer in the world that would appoint me to the level of scientific work which I am doing as unpaid voluntary duties. I am a conscientious research scientist and political activist - long hours every day. I'm as busy or more busy than anyone in paid employment.

Absolutely I don't want to do some inappropriate manual work that requires no references, which would prevent me from doing scientific duties. I wouldn't want to, I would hate it, I would behave very badly and very quickly or if not immediately I would be sacked. So it's pointless. I could not do inappropriate work.

My doctors for the last 10 years have provided me with a sick notes. So yes for the past 10 years my doctors have behaved reasonably. The sick notes for the past 10 years were not "fraud" and a new sick note would not be "fraud" either.

Only now are my doctors behaving unreasonably because Crofton has jumped to the wrong conclusion after 10 minutes speaking to me and the rest of the GP practice are "circling the wagons" around Crofton, standing by their co-worker which is understandable but actually a betrayal of their duty to the NHS, which is to provide good health care for every patient. Denying me a sick note is BAD CARELESSNESS not good care. Passing BAD CARELESSNESS of as "medical care" is indeed fraud, by the GP practice.

Well "lashing out" in the dock would not get me anywhere but prison or a mental hospital.

I'm not a criminal, not a danger to myself or to others. However, I am not fit for work because I can't take the stress of being taken away from my scientific and political duties. I can't accept being forced to betray my duties to humanity and to the people and so I would behave unacceptably in any workplace.

It's not just that I don't want to betray my duty - in all good conscience, I cannot. I cannot do jobs that my conscience will not allow me to do.

Anonymous said...

The way you act seems calculated, you were playing the system and now it has caught up. You again are not willing to work a job to provide yourself an income, many people all around the world have jobs they don't like for an income that can provide them the finances to do what they really want.

If your work in science was credible you would have had funding and you would have also been on good terms with Aberdeen University.

Why isn't a regular job enough for you? is it honestly better to mooch off the government/council for pennies when you could make substantially more with just a part-time job at a local shop.

The way you act if not deliberate definitely scales on the autistic side, I mean that in no offence.

Peter Dow said...

I'm a scientist. Calculations are what I do.

I'm a political activist. Trying to make the system work for people is what I do.

I've explained why I am not willing to do an inappropriate job which is a complete waste of my abilities. I'm not responsible for what other people do if they can tolerate dead end jobs. I am responsible for what I do. For me doing a dead end job instead of using my high intelligence and education to serve humanity and the people would be irresponsible.

Money from social security serves me just as well as money from a dead end job.

My science was credible enough for me to get 4 science highers at A pass - Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Sixth Year Studies passes and a science degree from Edinburgh University.

The fall out and my lack of good references from Aberdeen's 2 universities - Aberdeen and Robert Gordon - did effect my credibility when applying for any science job admittedly. There was no way back from that fall out unless the universities were to be put under new management which decided to reverse the exclusions so that I could go back to university and clear my name as a scientist, without fear of arrest.

What stopped me doing that was the courts. The courts passed interdicts banning me from the campus and from leafleting about my exclusion. So really it is a legal problem I have had all these years, not any problem with the science. I find the science easy - the law, not so much.

I'm not a "regular Joe". I am a scientist. Honestly and in good conscience, for me, it is not about the money or what I get for what I do or don't do. It is about the value of what I do. I must do what I consider to be valuable to others. I must do my duty.

I believe that what I do in my voluntary duties in science and politics is of immeasurably greater value to humanity and to the people than working in a local shop.

Well what makes you qualified to give an opinion on autism? I suggest nothing, and I mean that in no offence.

Autistic people have great difficulty in communicating.

As a political activist, communicating is what I do. I used to hold a job as a college lecturer - again communication skills are essential to hold down that job.

There is no way in the world that I am in the least autistic. Yours is a foolish suggestion and the more you type here, the more I am exposing your foolishness.

Sylvie said...

Hello Peter,

I read carefully your blog posts and the struggle you're having with the British authorities.

You claim to have a Computer Science Degree from the University of Edinburgh and an interest on "free research".

At CERN people work independently and drive their own career.
They have some vacancies at the moment and I think some of them might suit you.

Please have a look at any of these:

Hope it helps.

p.s: The salary is very good, and Geneva is a lovely city.


Anonymous said...

Autism can work on a spectrum, lack of communication skills are common within autism but is not the defining element in the lower side of the spectrum, however you do appear to have difficulty communicating as you lack the ability to understand anything other than your own opinion. Is that autism? You are correct I am not trained to diagnose that but I am free to give my opinion on it regardless.

For a political activist why haven't I seen you out and about, where are the rallies you attend? Do you hold seminars, meetings and so on to share your view? Or do you sit at home doing nothing but look for love on the internet while claiming it is of scientific importance? I have never seen your work, and I'm sure everyone who reads your blog could say the same. If your work as a scientist is of any value where are the journals, have you had your work published and if so where? Let me guess, you don't want the Queen to know?

Why are you not more active both scientifically by way of publishing work and politically by creating discussion in the community rather than passive-aggreisve posts on a blog a handful of people read.

Peter Dow said...


What a wonderful post to make! Thank you.

And I thought it was the UK authorities having a struggle with ME, not the other way around! LOL.

Sylvie, my dear. What you can guarantee me is your personal friendship my writing to me at

I would like to stay in touch with you, please.

I have certificates to prove my claim to a computer science degree from Edinburgh University, from the early 1980s mind you, and only a 2-2 and computer science has come on leaps and bounds since then.

I also did a little physics at Edinburgh - my 1st year 1st class certificate of merit in 1978-79.

I understand that CERN people can do all sorts - Sir Tim Berners-Lee and the world wide web, for example.

I did once get a job offer at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, but I declined it in favour of the Glasgow College lecturer job which paid better.

Also somewhat relevant to CERN was that when thinking about Magnetic Resonance Imaging (my main interest when a post-graduate at Aberdeen University in 1991) it occurred to me that it might be possible to apply the same technology they use at CERN to make very highly nuclear (proton) polarised targets to scatter their high energy particle beams off, to produce very highly polarised protons in water.

The CERN polarised target technology requires the use of very low temperatures, but low temperatures are commonplace in MRI anyway for the superconducting magnets.

My plan was to figure out a way to rapidly heat the polarised water from the CERN target technology then rapidly inject it into the bloodstream of a patient in a MRI scanner to use to enhance the signals perhaps several orders of magnitude (though of course the polarisation would decay at the higher temperatures and lower field of the patient nevertheless it might work.

Sadly, that was one idea I haven't researched over the last 26 years because it would be very expensive to do anything practical.

Rather when I have been doing science duties on my own, I've stuck to duties I can do with only my PC or to low cost practical work, such as my "FREEZERBATON" for low cost cryosurgery.

Comment continues next post ..

Peter Dow said...

To @Sylvie continued ..

I'm also interested these days in renewable energy both the applied science and politics aspects.

Well it's an intriguing thought Sylvie and if you email me then maybe you can convince me that CERN would take my application in the least seriously?

Another worry I have is that everywhere I have stayed I have got into problems with the authorities - universities, courts, police. I'm not at all sure that I could avoid the same kind of difficulties at CERN and I really don't want to end up in a French or Swiss police or prison cell where I can't even make myself understood to the locals.

One final point which is bound to rub CERN up the wrong way - I was not at all impressed by all the fuss made over the Higgs Boson. To my mind, short lived particles are ten a penny and of little significance to the grand scheme of things.

In my opinion, what's more significant to the life the universe and everything are long lived particles.

So what's of more interest I might suggest would be questions like - what is the half-life of the anti-neutron - different or the same as the neutron?

Obviously that's of interest because of what the answer might reveal about matter / anti-matter symmetry. It is a value that could be measured directly experimentally - 15 minutes or so for the neutron. Unknown for the anti-neutron, or it was unknown the last time I looked it up.

For calculating a lower limit on the half-life of the anti-proton, we are rather having to rely on indirect measurements by astronomers and the calculations of astro-physicists - no doubt brainer than I.

So most of us just have to take it on trust that the anti-proton is stable for timescales of the life of the universe and anti-proton decay in the early universe CAN'T simply can't be the reason for the excess of matter.

Whereas, at least we shouldn't have to take it on trust that the neutron and anti-neutron decay with identical life times - that COULD be measured - and I humbly submit the answer might shed more light on fundamental physics than the Higgs Boson, but what do I know?

The point is, even when I don't know, I still can be very outspoken and rub people up the wrong way, challenging their leadership of great institutions, making myself persona non grata.

Anyway I digress. LOL.

Wow, what an interesting comment Sylvie. Very stimulating! Thanks again!

Peter Dow said...


On the contrary I do understand and agree with the opinion of my GPs and the DWP's health care professionals who have assessed me for that last ten years as "unfit for work".

It is Crofton and you who seem unable to understand or agree with those other opinions which have allowed me social security for the last ten years.

You are free to make a fool of yourself here. Be my guest.

I am not a politician but a political writer/publisher. Unfortunately, my political (with a smattering of science) website is offline at the moment and I am waiting until I get the all clear from lawyers (and my finances sorted) before uploading it again.

Well if you had been out and about during the European Union independence referendum campaign in Aberdeen City Centre you might have seen me with a REMAIN jersey, giving out leaflets with fellow REMAIN campaigners in St Nicolas St.

In the years before the internet was so widely available, I and other political activists did a lot more street campaigning. Nowadays a lot of politics has moved on-line. So I take what opportunities I can find on-line to make my contributions.

For example, here is a video which features my political activism as a Scottish republican which is part of a Scottish-produced human rights documentary, broadcast on BBC2 Scotland in 2008.

"Scottish republican socialist Peter Dow, author and protester"

Here is my username on one science forum - sciforums.

I've gone almost entirely on-line to do my politics because I can reach further and it is safer from the police state, or it used to be safer anyway.

It is not so much that I don't want the Queen to know but that I don't want the police getting the wrong end of the stick and raiding me again like they did in 2014, seizing my computer and memory devices with all my science and political data.

That's the most destructive thing which can happen to anyone's efforts - to have all work in progress seized by the police.

My detractors can't have it both ways - ban me from universities, have the police seize my science data and then complain that I am not showing enough evidence of science work done.

Scientists, like all professions, require co-operation from the authorities to do their duties and be protected from violent obstruction from the police state.

That's an important political lesson that good political activists like me are trying to explain, but bad political leaders are ignoring.

Anonymous said...

Sylvie's comment just happens to follow the same structure as how you write. That is not a coincidence is it? Am I to believe CERN have people looking on your blogspot to offer you a job? I highly doubt it, and if I were to email them they would say they have no idea what I'm talking about.

I trust you are qualified, I mean look at all the certificates behind you in your main page banner. I'm questioning if you have ever published important scientific data which for all purposes I can not see. I believe I read somewhere that your PhD or Masters degree you were enrolled on at Aberdeen Uni failed your dissertation for being of poor quality is that true?

I do hope to see your more active both politically and scientifically, or perhaps in court. Whichever comes first.

Georgina said...

Peter, have you ever taken the Myers-Briggs personality test? It's very interest and I would be interested in reading the results.

Peter Dow said...


No I haven't. But if the Myers-Briggs personality test can be taken while in bed with a lady psychologist then SIGN ME UP!

Anonymous said...

Hello Peter,

I hear Buckingham Palace is going to be upgraded at a cost to the taxpayer of more than £500 million. No doubt they will need qualified professionals and scientists to assist with the planning of this huge refurbishment.

Would you consider applying? You might even get to meet Her Majesty the Queen and have the opportunity to air your grievances about the appalling way you have been treated by the courts and police.

Her Majesty has the authority to remove these corrupt police officers and judges who sit in her name. She may also give you a royal pardon for your tweeting conviction.

This is an opportunity you should grasp firmly with both hands. Look at the many advantages:

(1) Income. A Chance to make some good money working in a responsible scientific and historic environment.

(2) Opportunity. A chance to plead your case to Her Majesty and ask for your conviction to be set aside.

(3) Lobbying. A once in a lifetime chance to make your political case to Her Majesty for an independent Scotland.

(4) Women. It's a well known fact that all men who work in Buckingham Palace are inundated with attention from the ladies, usually tourists. You may well meet the woman of your dreams there.

Think it over. If you are still interested then please contact me and I shall use my influence to bring your application to the attention of the Crown Estate who are handling this refurbishment on behalf of Her Majesty.

Kind and warm regards,

D. Fernandez

Peter Dow said...

@D. Fernandez

Oh, I'd much rather have a REPUBLICAN pardon for my anti-royal tweets, from a distinguished republican, such as my beloved Condoleezza Rice, who once played piano at Buckingham Palace.

I'll leave republican diplomacy with the royals to those like Condi with superior diplomatic skills.

I'm more inclined to hold Buckingham Palace's feet to the fire.

I advise that the most effective strategy to achieve an independent Scotland is to promote a BAN of the Queen and all the royal family from Scotland, to be enforced by all means necessary.

I'm very critical of SNP Queen's privy council members Salmond, Sturgeon and Robertson with their royalist policy to keep the Queen, which I consider to be treacherous against the sovereignty of the Scottish people and our right to elect our own head of state..

Hanz Fosenberg said...

Dear Mr Dow,

I find the tessellations on your Sci Forum that you posted above are quite interesting. I was wondering if you could tell me more about the applications of this as you mentioned an interest in armour? Do you know how well this, if machined for practical application, would deal with pressure?

I have a friend who works for BAE systems and they may be interested in free thinkers like yourself, you appear to be innovative and that is just what my friend is like so it might be worth seeing if they have jobs.


Larbert Lion said...

Hi Peter,

I see from your sick note above that you finally admit to having a mental illness. Personally I completely agree with this diagnosis but am curious to know why have you denied this until recently? When people have criticised you online or suggested that you need help for having obvious mental health problems you are quick to delete their comments or deny this is the case.

You can't have it both ways and it does looks to me as if you are playing the system now that your ESA has been stopped.

Peter Dow said...

@Hanz Fosenberg

I also discussed trispokedovetiles on other forums too.

CR4 - Tiled Armour Science - Trispokedovetiles - Three-spoke Dovetailing Tiles

Above Top Secret - Weaponry - Tiled armour science - trispokedovetiles - three-spoke dovetailing tiles

and a few other forums, as you will find if you google "trispokedovetile".

Unfortunately, with the loss of my website hosting, my javascript webpage which draws trispokedovetiles and writes CNC code to cut them is not now available on-line.

As far as applications to armour, there's not been much discussion of that on-line. I've said only -

"Possible application to tiled armour

One issue with hexagonal or square armour tiles is that such simple shapes don't interlock naturally, as do jigsaw puzzle pieces.

Whilst a little armour tile movement normal to the armour plane is useful in absorbing the kinetic energy of a ballistic impact, such as from a bullet and better than the armour tile absorbing the same kinetic energy by shattering, on the other hand, tile movement tangential to the armour plane leaves most unwelcome gaps in the armour.

So armour tiles shaped like jigsaw puzzle shapes (or some hexagonal variation such as these trispokedovetiles) could perform well in this application."

Right now, I'm too busy with trying to sort out my social security to explain any further here.

Later the best place to discuss this would be in those science, engineering and weaponry forums. So by all means, register with one of those forums and post a reply and I'll answer when I have time.

Certainly, I do have an interest and have done some theoretical research in armour science but I've not been able to confirm my ideas with any practical experiments, sadly.

It is not as if all the Queen's men are going to allow me a terminal ballistics test laboratory to do experiments with, now is it? Trying anything along those lines on my own would be sure to be misunderstood by the police, have the bomb squad called again and get me locked up for a very long time. "TERRORIST!" the newspaper headlines would say.

Well BAE and like defence firms have rigorous security checks they must do before they can hire people so I'd likely not pass any of those with my convictions for "threatening the Queen" etc.

Although I'm confident enough in the progress I have made in armour science research, I've not been published in the traditional published scientific or engineering journals for any of my research, only self-published in on-line forums where there is often very little quality control as to what gets posted there.

But if one day a senior executive from BAE gets in touch by emailing me at asking me to work for BAE, I'll certainly consider their offer.

Talking of BAE - Condi Rice and the F-35 Lightning II @ BAE, Britain

Peter Dow said...

@Larbert Lion

If you put a perfectly healthy person in a stressful situation, they will rapidly show symptoms of mental ill health.

Example - tie a healthy person to a railway line and the closer the train gets the more stressed and the more mentally ill the person will get, the more they will shout and scream and beg for mercy or curse the person who tied them to that railway line.

It's not that the person tied to a railway line is "a nutter", "a loony", "a crackpot" or any of those insulting words that get bandied about by the ignorant.

Similarly, my mental ill health is mostly caused by the stress of threats and cuts to my social security benefits, leaving me unable to cope financially. I also find being arrested and locked up very traumatic and I think I may suffer a wee bit from post-traumatic stress disorder whenever I get to thinking about my terrible experiences at the hands of police, courts and prisons.

When I get my benefits restored then I'm fine, for the most part.
When the police leave me well alone then I'm fine, for the most part.

I'm glad you agree with my self-diagnosis as in my exemplar "Statement of Fitness for Work".

If only you were a GP and could write me a real sick note like that then maybe such a sick note could help me win my appeal for ESA, solve my social security crisis and save me from suffering further stress?

The problem with ignorant people is not only would they say what you have said - that you agree with the sick note - but they say very nasty and very inappropriate things - like "you should be locked up in a loony bin", "you should be sectioned", "you should get ECT" and so on. Really horrible things to say about someone who is not a threat to myself or anyone else.

That's why I don't normally entertain any discussions about my mental health because it just encourages that kind of very nasty trolling.

I've not denied having a mental health problem with stress and being signed off since 2007. I even had a picture of me on my website with my sick note.

I only want it the one way - that I should get a new sick note for my mental ill health that means I am not fit for work.

I only want the one social security benefit that I have been on for since 2013 - Employment and Support Allowance. That and my housing benefit and I can cope fine and will be able to do my scientific and political duties.

I know from the experience of what happened to me signing on from 1991 to 2006/7 which led to my complete mental breakdown and me threatening the Jobcentre staff and getting arrested by police.

I simply can't cope with the Job Seekers Allowance job-seeking requirements and so if I try to go back to signing on, I won't be able to satisfy the Jobcentre clerical workers that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing to qualify for Job Seekers Allowance and then my benefits will get sanctioned and then I will struggle financially and suffer from stress and sooner or later I will suffer from an episode of uncontrollable unacceptable behaviour and I dread to think what might happen then!

Peter Dow said...

@Anonymous 18 March 2017 at 23:30

Only I get to say what my "last paragraph sounds very much like" and it's not what you said, no.

I'm deleting your comment because I don't want any misunderstandings.

Ken Loach - a very admirable director with a good social conscience, but I've not seen his latest film yet so no, not that either.

I'm trying to get my Employment and Support Allowance restored. Just trying to survive - as simple as that.

Jerry Cantrell said...

Deleting comments, silencing criticism.

If you don't want any misunderstandings you should perhaps delete your comment instead?

Although I'm sure if someone wanted to cause a fuss then they would have taken a picture.

Peter Dow said...

@Jerry Cantrell

Oh I wouldn't delete any comment that was pure "criticism". I welcome mere criticism here.

What I did delete was a dangerous comment that terrorised me with the fear that the comment could incite the royalist fascist state police here - Police Scotland - to misunderstand like the stupid plods they are and come crashing through my front door to arrest me, seize my computer and all my scientific and political data with it, ransack my flat from top to bottom, break my stuff and start a court case which ruins my life for 3 to 5 years, just as they did in 2014 after they misunderstood my harmless political tweets.

My tweets were political rhetoric - not a "threat" nor a "crime"!

I'm just too terrorised by the fascist state here that I don't want to take any risks with this blog being misunderstood so I moderated the comment by deleting it. Sorry about that but we don't live in a free society where people can discuss things without being locked up for it.

The Queen's men are running amok here in Scotland and we do need to be very careful with words.

I am being careful so no, I don't think it would be appropriate to delete my comment instead.

Absolutely right - when the police wanted to make a fuss, they sent 17 police officers and support staff to raid my home and 2 of those support officers were forensic photographers to take pictures, lots of them.

Anonymous said...

If your savings run out and you are unable to pay the fine, you'll be brought back to Aberdeen Sheriff Court for non-payment and it's a 28 day prison sentence for each breach

Best to get this sorted quickly.

Peter Dow said...


Oh, doesn't the Sheriff have the ability to impose other alternative sentences, like Community Payback Orders?

I think picking up litter or cleaning up graffiti would be a waste of my superior talents and an abuse of power, if less abusive and a preferable option than the hell of prison for non-payment.

If appearing in the dock for re-sentencing after non-payment of a fine, I would ask for an alternative that serves the community better if I couldn't pay.

Aren't there any women community leaders - like sheriffs, prosecutors, court officials, police officers, social workers, civil servants, NHS officials, council staff etc. whom I could be ordered to serve at the ladies' pleasure?

I have sent many such fine women my telephone numbers already - but do they call me? Do they want my body? Sadly not yet.

Call me ladies. What is your pleasure? Tel. 01224 583906

Suzie said...

It's a bit of a dick move to steal a photo of someone and bitch about them on the internet just because you don't agree with a decision they made behind closed doors. Your interests here are entirely self-serving - I don't believe there's a shred of altruism in your body. If you've being doing research for decades and have not yet published anything credible within the wider scientific community then this is obviously NOT your vocation.

Oh and if you're so concerned with finding one, women like self-sufficient men who actually work - not layabouts with no goals in life (real goals - not fantasy). How have you not figured this out yet?

Anonymous said...

You seem disappointed that Dr Clarke has retired, were you two personal friends?

Peter Dow said...


As things stand right now, Crofton's decision imperils my social security and therefore my health. His decision, if not reversed, is sending me towards destitution, homelessness and an early death.

Doctors' decisions behind closed doors have consequences for their patient's lives.

If Crofton and other careless doctors can impose such harm on vulnerable people and never be held to account on the internet or elsewhere for their decisions then their carelessness will cause innocent people to suffer and die.

The altruistic thing for me to do is to post about this, not to stay silent about it.

I have published posts on independent science forums that are credible enough not to be deleted.

Credible published science is no longer the sole preserve of published journals and books.

I have at least 3 vocations - science, politics and women - but my credibility with women is the least credible of the 3.

Well then women should like me because I do actually do my science and political voluntary duties, even though that's not paid work.

I'm not a "layabout" but busy every day pursuing my real goals for all 3 of my vocations.

What I have figured out though is that most women like men who can provide for them - a house and a comfortable home for their children, which is fair enough.

My goals include to provide those things for all women, not just for one woman.

I am a radical feminist who readily submits myself to to women's rule.

So if you remain dissatisfied with my response and want to assert female authority over me then I invite you to get in touch - / Tel. 01224 583906.

As a single bachelor, always home alone, I'd really welcome a woman visiting me and succeeding in pussy-whipping me into line, if that's of any interest to you?

Peter Dow said...


Very disappointed now with what's happened with Crofton.

You don't really appreciate what you have until it is gone.

It turns out Dr Clarke was the lynch pin of my social security, without whom I am now socially insecure.

I was just another of his many patients to Dr Clarke. I assume he was a great doctor for all his patients.

We weren't "friends", no. The most I saw Dr Clarke in one year I think was in 2007 when I had I think at least 3 appointments that year to get sick notes.

King Lear said...

I find it funny that the only time you visit the doctors is to receive your sick note.

Ever thought of ordering a thai wife or one of these eastern european girls who will pay you so they can legally enter the country? Sounds like something that may be of interest considering you don't seem to be having the best luck?

Larbert Lion said...

Have you thought about crowdfunding? Open a Justgiving page and I'll maybe send you a tenner to pay your broadband for this month. Your blog makes me chuckle and the internet is a much more interesting place with you around.

Anonymous said...

What are your opinions of yesterday's attacks in London?

Condi said...

Have you ever thought about web design / development Peter - it's not difficult to get into and it sounds like you're suitably qualified.

Peter Dow said...


My opinion of yesterday's attacks in London?

1. My sympathy for the victims
2. My offer of my expert knowledge of counter-terrorist strategy to advise our governments
3. My disappointment that our governments don't invite me to British COBRA or Scottish Resilience meetings.

Western governments for decades have been deaf, dumb and blind to intelligence reports and investigative journalism which has revealed those treacherous countries whose security services are secretly sponsoring the terrorist war against the West.

For example, Bin Laden was a secret agent of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Yet the UK continues to aid and trade with both countries regardless.

HM Governments - Prime Ministers, Home, Foreign and Defence secretaries are typically very profoundly naive and incompetent.

Really PM May and her government should resign or be sacked over failing to prevent this terrorist attack but Westminster Tories will no doubt foolishly continue to support Theresa May despite her chickens coming home to roost.

One other point - there really should be bollards or railings along Westminster Bridge and elsewhere to protect the pedestrian footpaths from traffic. Such measures would protect pedestrians from terrorists and road accidents alike and it really is shameful that such easy safety measures are not a legal requirement.

Peter Dow said...

@Anonymous @King Lear @Condi

To all those who ask me - "Have you ever thought about ...(X, Y, Z)"

No, I haven't OK? I'll tell you what I have thought about, so you know, so you never have to ask again.

I've thought about Condoleezza Rice.

7/7 London bombs outrage Condi Rice

Condi Rice gets it on, and rules Britannia

Condi - My Love

Will Condoleezza Rice marry Peter Dow? Dream on!

Transit of Venus with Condoleezza Rice Goddess of Love to "Bright Eyes"

Slade Fan said...

Some of those Condi Rice videos are a bit creepy...

Tell us about your scientific work, do you have links to any of your work published in online articles or journals?

Science is not my forte I'm afraid although I do enjoy reading BBC Focus monthly.

Peter Dow said...

Prior to the police raid in July 2014 which seized my computer with all my science data, I published some of my science articles on my own online science and engineering forum and some in other people's on-line science and engineering forums, some in both.

You can read some of those on for example, Peter Dow threads on sciforums

Peter Dow threads on Engineering Clicks

Subjects in my own forum (not online now) were for example -

The CATAMARAN 'tank' - an MRAP which doesn't roll over!
Last Post: Saturday 7th August 2010 04:06 am
APC with walk-through connecting trailer

Scotland best for pumped-storage hydroelectricity energy
Last Post: Monday 20th February 2012 06:02 am
My vision for a LARGER hydro dam at Coire Glas, Scotland than SSE's

Wind farm power and energy equations
Last Post: Sunday 25th March 2012 05:10 am

Tessellated I / H bricks for stronger, lighter assembled structures
Last Post: Monday 14th January 2013 03:55 pm
HI-BRICKS & DOWELS demonstration video

My “Eureka” moment. A cure for cancer.
Last Post: Wednesday 9th October 2013 05:46 pm

FREEZERBATON - Freezer-baton for basic cryosurgery on a budget!
Last Post: Tuesday 2nd September 2014 07:42 pm

At the time of the police raid in July 2014, I was working on an interactive webpage
"Mathematics of the Wankel rotary-engine shapes"
which I was hosting on my own website which again is not available online right now.

Most of the unpublished work in progress at the time of the police raid was so interrupted unfortunately that I've not been able yet to go back to finish and to publish it.

I can't emphasise enough how utterly obstructive to my science efforts the police, courts have been over my harmless tweets and now impossible the job-centre and GPs denying me my social security benefits are making my life and my efforts as a scientist.

Blundering officials who think they know better than me how to run my life - when they don't know anything except how to make my life HELL which they proceed to do.

These blundering officials are doing a grave disservice to science and making everything much harder or impossible for me.

The kingdom's officialdom is a menace to all that I could do for science and the people.

Since the police raid, I have anonymously published most of my new science research results - anonymously because I don't want the hostility of the authorities and others towards my political activity interfering with my science duties.

Publishing my science anonymously also disciplines me not to be sidetracked by my politics in science discussions and minimises the effect of trolling attacks from critics, who if they can't argue knowledgeably against my science (but want to have a go at me anyway) would, if they could, make offensive comments about me personally.

The BBC quite falsely presents itself as pro-science whereas the reality is that the BBC promotes an anti-science kingdom whose state officials are destructively anti-science in practice with the way they obstruct real scientists like me so as to preferentially promote their own tame royalist scientists who are given all the advantages of money and university facilities and who, on the government payroll, can be relied upon to say nice things about the Queen and accept royalist honours.

The BBC puts Queen before science so you've got to take anything the BBC says about science with a pinch of sodium chloride.

Anonymous said...

Peter what are your thoughts on Donald Trump as POTUS? What about Brexit?
It's weird that a political activist like yourself hasn't made his views public...

Slade Fan said...

The crowdfunding idea suggested by Larbert Lion above is a good idea. You set up a Justgiving page and members of the public who are supporters or sympathethic to your cause can make donations to the account. Usually small amounts like £5 or £10 but every little helps in a crisis. Then you withdraw the cash into your account (minus a commission fee).

Also known in the blogging world as "Beerware" (eg. if you enjoy this website please donate and buy me a beer)

You can make some money through this if your blog has enough followers. I knew one lad who ran his own small football website but was having difficulty paying for the monthly hosting storage. One supporter donated £50 and that was him sorted for 6 months.

Even if you just get a handful of £5 or £10 donations from those who can afford it, this would be well worth the effort of setting it up.

Kids today are making a fortune from uploading their videos (usually Xbox or Playstation related game footage) onto Youtube and Twitch. Time to get in on the action?

Peter Dow said...


I have supported encouraging Condoleezza Rice to run for POTUS so when Condi says something about the President of the United States, I would post my thoughts and replies in Rice for President Yahoo Group messages so you can read what I said about Trump there.

I think Condi offers solutions for the world but that Trump is mostly America's problem to deal with.

I commented on this article in CommonSpace - Anti-Trump protests organiser: “This has to be the start of an international movement” to criticise attempts to waste Scottish, British and international political efforts obsessing about Trump who is not our problem to deal with.

I oppose Brexit, was a REMAIN campaigner on the streets of Aberdeen last summer and was happy with the referendum result in Scotland, less so with the vote across Britain.

The British people were split politically over the EU referendum - that's an opportunity for pro-Europeans, republicans and nationalists to exploit still - we should force that split "wider still and wider", cleaving the rotten kingdom asunder into nation states, transforming Britain into a land of democratically governed nations that can credible claim to be a "Land of Hope and Glory".

So not only should Scots seek a pro-EU opt out from the UK via Scottish independence but all pro-EU Britons should forge opt outs from the UK for all those REMAIN voters in England, Wales and Northern Ireland too.

No-one should be forced to renounce their citizenship of the European Union.

For Scotland, I'm for Scottish independence in Europe, but a FIGHTING Remain, not a DOORMAT Remain - wanting a special deal including exemption from the EU Common Fisheries policy and no commitment to use the Euro currency.

Oh I have been making my views on political issues public but mostly elsewhere, such as in the comment pages of news websites and in political forums rather than on this political defence blog where my focus is on defending myself from police and courts.

It's not "weird" that my political profile has been lower in recent years because I have been banned since July 2014 by court orders from accessing my own website and Twitter and I am still nervous about the threat of further police arrests and political persecution.

I still feel a bit like a political prisoner out on bail or parole and having my social security benefits stopped and being left with no income and my savings fast depleting is not helping to rebuild my political confidence.

What's a bit "weird" is that so many people still naively think the UK is a free country, where democratic liberties are enjoyed by all - whereas in reality the UK is a police state.

Peter Dow said...

@Larbert Lion & @Slade Fan

Thanks for caring enough to suggest something.

In all the 10 or so years I had a "Donate" button on my Scottish National Standard Bearer website, I only got 1 or 2 donations for £2 or £5 that way.

Since being told I was "fit for work", I am losing £125 a week of Employment and Support Allowance. There is no way I could make that income up from on-line donations. I would be lucky to get donations of £1.25 a week never mind £125 a week.

Therefore I must focus on preparing my appeal to an independent tribunal.

I need to find a sympathetic doctor who will write me a sick-note.

If you have a friend who is a doctor perhaps you could ask him or her to write me a sick note? It is now allowed that you can consult a doctor on the telephone and get a sick note without having to see the doctor in person. Tel. 01224 583906

My research has turned up a website called PushDoctor which offers on-line consultations where GPs can write sick notes, though you have to pay for the consultation up front and there's no refund if the doctor doesn't write you the sick-note that you asked for.

Recently I remembered to write to the DWP to ask them to detail how previous Work Capability Assessments have found me NOT fit for work and have awarded me ESA so I can argue that my health remains as it was then so I should still qualify on the same medical grounds.

That's the sort of thing I need to focus on - winning my appeal for ESA - not setting up new webpages to ask for donations which would just be a false hope, a side-track and a waste of thinking time.

There will be an efficient solution to this out there, if only I can figure it out or get lucky.

Anonymous said...

What about content writing? You're clearly well spoken.

Peter Dow said...


Excuse me but my "content" can't be BOUGHT.

That means the government should allow me money enough to live decently and then I will serve the people whom I love for no charge.

Peter Dow said...

Got a sick-note, finally

I got registered with another GP Practice in Aberdeen and the second of the doctors I asked there did agree to write me a sick-note, thankfully. What a relief! 😌

I'm not naming the new practice or the helpful doctor until I have a reason to do so.

The moral of the story is that with doctors, as with any other service, it pays to shop around.

Peter Dow said...

@Slim Jim Ding-a-ling

I've thought about deleting your comment for "bitching" about patients asking doctors to do their jobs to write sick-notes.

This isn't a general purpose blog but my political defence blog, my redoubt, where I intend to take my final stand against those who would arrest me or make me destitute.

If and when I succeed in defending myself against the fascist wolves at my door, I intend to resume my pursuit of my wider scientific and political goals publishing in more suitable sites on the web.

The socialists in Aberdeen know where to find me if they need me and vice versa.

Slim Jim Ding-a-ling said...

Deleting comments again, this is a habit.

You fight for whose freedom of speech? Just yours? Coward.

Anonymous said...

You claim disability but can walk and move with no issues!
We have members of our armed forces that have seen horrendous things and seen close friends die but claim nothing.
You claim stress. FOR WHAT?
Man up you complete waste of skin.
I have worked all my life and I am sick of paying for spongers like you who know the value of everything but value nothing.

I look forward to the time when your days of fleecing the taxpayer (both Scottish and English comes to an end)

Anonymous said...

What a sad individual you are

Dr. Vanscroft said...

I can't tell whether Peter Dow is a troll or just mentally unstable.

Anonymous said...

Whatever he is he is taking money from people that DO need it. Mans a complete moon howler

Some Random said...


I understand the sentiment however I think Peter's a special case (in many senses)...

Average citizen lifetime welfare contribution: £220,000
Lets call it an average 5% unemployment figure over that time, roughly what 3 million people?

My primary school arithmetic is telling me I'm paying maybe 7 pence to Peter over my lifetime - that's pretty good entertainment value.

Pc Plod said...

Amazing how a man with no job has no time to answer his fans.

Peter Dow said...

@Slim Jim Ding-a-ling,
A blog-owner moderating comments on his/her own blog is standard practice on the internet.

I do fight politically for your and everyone's freedom of speech to post whatever comments you like ON YOUR OWN BLOG, where YOU are the moderator.

I fight politically against the Queen's police for breaking their way into people's homes to arrest them and to seize their computer on account of what harmless comments they've posted.

There are lethally dangerous cowards in this kingdom - the Queen and her supporters who do not allow harmless political comments of republicans speaking out as is our duty with a view to saving lives of innocents whose lives are threatened or lost in preventable disasters.

These cowards are too afraid to allow helpful criticism of their Queen anywhere even on the internet and these cowards insist on the BBC broadcasting "God Save the Queen" and other pro-royalist propaganda as innocents are not saved, not by God, not by the Queen, nor her police, not by anyone, but are left to die.

From Aberfan to Dunblane innocents have died because cowards and royalist fascists won't stand for their Queen being harshly blamed for the deaths of innocents which her incompetently governed kingdom have caused.

Peter Dow said...

@Anonymous 28 March 2017 at 18:18 / 18:20
I claim just what the exemplar sick note above says - that I am not fit for work because of the mental stress I suffer in the Jobcentre or any like workplace which causes uncontrollable unacceptable (disinhibited or aggressive) misbehaviour.

Whilst the following facts are not part of my claim for sickness benefit, it happens also to be the case that I do have issues with walking and moving appropriately to do the scientific and political work that I should be allowed to do, as I will explain.

For example, I really have a duty to walk into public meetings hosted by Aberdeen University and Robert Gordon University and speak out to expose the disgraceful mismanagement of Aberdeen's universities which have crushed my academic freedom in those institutions by excluding me.

However my movements on campus are prevented by court orders banning me from Aberdeen University campus and a threat from Robert Gordon University managers to employ the same firm of lawyers to likewise ban me from RGU.

When I am arrested by police for my political activity I am not allowed to walk where I like. When I am handcuffed I can't move my arms either. When I am put in a police or prison cell I can't even walk outside the cell.

When I am subject to court bail conditions I am prevented from leaving home for more than 7 days, though that's the least of my problems given that I am not much of a traveller.

I am not allowed basic civil liberties of walking and moving as I like and it is these unjust so-called "legal" restrictions which prevent me doing all of my duties as a scientist and political activist.

In Scotland, sadly we the people don't all enjoy academic freedom or civil liberties - it's a police state for some and it is this police state which prevents highly qualified people like myself working as we should.

Likewise members of our armed forces who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder really are also entitled to claim sickness benefit and it would be a shocking disgrace if our brave soldiers who have risked everything for our freedom are ever refused the social security support that any person not fit to work is entitled to.

Continues next post ...

Peter Dow said...

I'll tell you for what do I suffer stress from.

When for 15 years from 1991 to 2007, I was forced to jump through pointless jobseeking hoops at the Jobcentre without a single job interview because I have no references after my exclusion from university, it became impossible for me to focus on those revolting disgusting pointless jobseeking activities that were wasting my precious time as a scientist and political activist and when I could not meet the terms of the so-called jobseeker's agreement that, in truth, I never, ever agreed with, but was forced to sign anyway, I got sanctioned and lost my benefits, could not pay my bills which made me very upset and angry and I had a mental breakdown in 2007 and threatened the staff and I was arrested by the police.

Certainly that was a very sad time for me as an individual.

In 2007, the Jobcentre asked me to go my doctor and ask for a sick note for stress and that advice turned out to be for the best because I am healthier signed off work and not being tormented with the cruel and unusual punishment of pointless jobseeking activities.

I am not the same as an ordinary worker who thinks it might be useful or helpful that I should have to take my orders from clerical workers at the jobcentre.

I know the jobcentre staff cannot help me get an appropriate job.

I am a scientist and a political activist and as such I have a much better idea of what to do with my precious time than jobcentre staff do.

I'm not a "sponger" nor do I fleece the taxpayer.

I do important unpaid duties in science and politics of more value to society that the work done, I might suppose, by many workers.

The benefits I claim are the minimum I need for my social security.

So, as it happens, the taxpayer gets excellent value for my benefits but as a socialist I believe that all should be entitled to social security without having to justify their use of skin, benefits, food and a roof over their heads to penny-pinching fools like you.

With such as you in charge of politics, society would degenerate into a harsh, devil-take-the-hindmost place with desperate people committing crimes to survive and homeless people dying cold and hungry in the gutter, if that is not where Scotland and the UK are already heading with this Tory UK government and its austerity policies which shamefully deny compassion and the minimum of help to the disabled, the ill, the weak and the defenceless.

Peter Dow said...

@Dr. Vanscroft,

I am not a troll but I do have a mentally unstable stress problem when denied social security benefits especially when my savings are running low or have run out when I then lack the money needed to support myself.

Peter Dow said...

@Anonymous 29 March 2017 at 08:21,

I am not "taking money from people who DO need it".

It is an economically illiterate fallacy (an nonsense) which is believed by ignorant fiscal conservatives that the country has some "shortage of money" and does not somehow have plenty of money available to pay everyone what they need.

It is not the case that that benefits paid to me means there is no money left for someone else who needs it. There is no shortage of money unless the government stupidly imposes a shortage.

Further, my applied science and my socialist politics contribute towards growing the economy, generating wealth and prosperity for all - meaning that my benefits help me to generate more national wealth, more money to go around, not less.

Foolishly starving scientists and political activists into destitution, preventing the likes of me from contributing to society while on benefits, would be a false economy, which foolishness would cost any country dearly in the long run. (See North Korea)

Peter Dow said...

@Pc Plod,

If I do have any lady fans out there (women police officers perhaps?) would they kindly telephone me (Aberdeen 01224 583906) and / or email me ( to set up a date with me, please?

For years and years, I've been asking random women on Plenty of Fish dating website if they will meet me but none have agreed to do so as yet, sadly.

So I don't really seem to have many or any "fans" out there. Be nice if I did, certainly.

Anonymous said...

There are lethally dangerous cowards in this kingdom - the Queen and her supporters who do not allow harmless political comments of republicans speaking out as is our duty with a view to saving lives of innocents whose lives are threatened or lost in preventable disasters.

How do you quantify that you moron. The queen is head of state that's it.

"There are lethally dangerous cowards in this kingdom" indeed there are Sturgeon being one of them. I cannot wait for you sweaty socks to fuck off and become a third world country. The gravy train stops when that happens

Say goodbye to free everything

Anonymous said...

Your living on benefits is a lifestyle choice why should I pay for it?

You are obviously a shit scientist = no job

Also a shit activist = Does not know when to shut the fuck up

When I was skint I did any job I could to keep a roof over my head never got a penny from the government (to proud to claim)

You a nothing but a worthless piece of human detriment who thinks EVERYONE owes them everything. I really hope that you are found out by the powers that be and they stop your benefits. Hopefully there is a god

Peter Dow said...


I'm not a moron but a qualified scientist.

I quantified the Queen as head of a disastrous state in detail in my Scottish National Standard Bearer website, which I was banned from accessing by the Queen's Aberdeen Sheriff Court from July 2014 and that website is now offline until I can bring it back online.

In brief, the unhelpful Queen as head of a disastrous state is in the way of the election of a helpful president of a republic as head of a life-saving state.

A president could help prevent disasters by ordering the dismissal, the arrest even, of bad disastrous police, prosecutors and judges who who do not allow harmless political comments of republicans speaking out as is our duty with a view to saving lives of innocents whose lives are threatened or lost in preventable disasters.

The unhelpful Queen is head of a disastrous state running amok. The Queen is in the way of the election of president who could bring the state to heel.

Elizabeth said...

Good news and bad news.

GOOD = My friend Laura from Dunfermline says you are actually not bad looking. She also thinks your voice is incredibly sweet after watching a few of your Youtube videos. Laura is 51 so might be a bit old for you as you say you hope to have children.

BAD = She is married. And a fan of the Royal Family. And a Labour voter.

Peter Dow said...


51 is more than "a bit" older. My goodness 51 is nearly as ancient as I am - 56!

On my POF profile I say -

"To send a message to ScotPeterDow you MUST meet the following criteria:
Age Between:18 and 36."

So a woman young enough to be Laura's daughter would be suitable because yes fathering children is my priority.

If a woman will bear me children that's such good news that I can grin and accept all other "bad" news -

* married (say, to an infertile man or to a woman, either way needing a sperm donor),
* a fan of the Royals - as a member of the cub scouts I swore an oath to "do my duty to God and to the Queen",
* Labour voter - I used to be a MEMBER of the Labour Party, in Glasgow in the 1980s when I supported Tony Benn for leader.

Anonymous said...

You feel it's appropriate for a 56 year old man to seek an 18 year old girl?!

...I was determined not to comment on your blog, as I'm sure it feeds whatever (narcissistic?) personality disorder you appear to have.

LarbertLion said...

I wonder how many 18-30 year old women having dating profiles looking for all the criteria below:

* An older man (55+) who has grey hair and carries a few extra pounds

* A man who lives on state benefits and who has no intention of ever seeking paid employment

* A man who lives in a 1-bedroom flat but wants to have children in such cramped surroundings

* A man who has been in prison and a long history of altercations with the police and authorities

* A man who openly admits to having severe mental health and behavioral problems

Not many.

I think you need to take what you can get Peter, even if she's 50+ and not exactly Playmate of the Month material. Time is running out for you. Unless you change your thinking and are prepared to lower your standards you'll be getting your bus pass through the door before anyone replies to those ads.

I don't mean to be critical, just realistic.

PS - One last question. When you are out and about in Aberdeen and see a couple of 18-19 year old lassies on the way to university, do you look at them and have sexual thoughts? Cause that is a wee bit inappropriate. Not illegal, but definitely a little creepy. I mean, you are old enough to be their grandfather!

Anonymous said...

Typo alert

You said "I'm not a moron but a qualified scientist".

But you have not got a job! You can say what you want but you are not employed therefore at present you are not a qualified scientist. You are an unemployed scientist!

You said

A president could help prevent disasters by ordering the dismissal, the arrest even, of bad disastrous police, prosecutors and judges who who do not allow harmless political comments of republicans speaking out as is our duty with a view to saving lives of innocents whose lives are threatened or lost in preventable disasters.

Like TRUMP has failed to do?

You said
The unhelpful Queen is head of a disastrous state running amok. The Queen is in the way of the election of president who could bring the state to heel.

Moon howler alert she is head of state but holds no powers she does as parliament (the real one) bids

A president will not happen in the UK in Scotland you may get President Salmon (snigger) who is about as much use as tits on a fish

You should be on stage mate

Liz Scott (Airdrie, Lanarkshire) said...

30 years of solid unemployment - that's quite an achievement! Surprised ATOS Healthcare never picked you up on their radar for a DWP Work Capability Assessment.

Still if you are happy enough scraping away on £80 a week and having a low quality of life then good luck to you. Seems an awful waste though as you obviously have a combination of intelligence, skills and even some talent.

Peter Dow said...

@Liz Scott (Airdrie, Lanarkshire)

20 years unemployed. 10 years on the sick.

It's what I achieved while being 30 years unemployed / on-the-sick that matters. I've been busy with my unpaid duties in science and politics - putting my intelligence, skills and talent to good use and that's mostly a high quality life except when getting harassed and sanctioned by the Jobcentre and Work Capability Assessments.

However I wouldn't have been unemployed and sick for so long if the universities in Aberdeen were properly managed and didn't exclude me and didn't get support from the police and courts to exclude people who shouldn't be excluded.

Pay attention Liz. The reason I am blogging this post is I needed a sick note to appeal the decision of the DWP to stop my Employment and Support Allowance following a Work Capability Assessment.

I've been on NO money, £0 a week, since the end of January, apart from housing benefit which doesn't even cover all my rent. Having no money, being arrested and taken to court is what makes a low quality life.

Every time the state, the system thinks it knows better than me what to do with my life they act harmfully against me to reduce my quality of life.

This blog shouts from the rooftops that I am very unhappy, very angry and very stressed with the stupid and harmful actions of the state to exclude me from university, to arrest me for my political activities and to sanction my benefits.

But I don't need or want a happy pill from the doctor to make that stress go away. I want political action to bring the incompetent harmful police state to heel to stop it ruining my life and preventing me helping others.

There are many very bad police officers, very bad judges, very bad civil servants and very bad university managers who need sacking - to make a better run, more productive, more prosperous and happy country.

The Drunken Poet said...

Peter Dow has got no money
Some people think that's funny
An unemployed scientist from Aberdeen
Who really does hate the queen
He expressed his political views on Twitter
But the police came and made his life shitter
Those who persecute him are not nice
A man who worships Condi Rice
Now he's searching for love online
And needing some money to pay his fine

Peter Dow said...

@Drunken Poet,

LOL. Brilliant.

Worth a reward but I'm afraid if I paid you anything you would spend it on drink.

Anonymous said...

I've been on NO money, £0 a week, since the end of January, apart from housing benefit which doesn't even cover all my rent. Having no money, being arrested and taken to court is what makes a low quality life.

And it is entirely of your own making!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr Dow, you are now claiming to be a scientist? Last time we met online you were proposing a strategy to win the war in Afghanistan:

Comedy gold.

Peter Dow said...

@Anonymous 5 April 2017 at 15:47

Hey, call me "Peter".

Oh I've always claimed to be a scientist, including when posting in that thread on Forums in 2012.

Topic: How to beat the Taliban in Afghanistan / Pakistan (and win the war on terror)
Reply #88 on: September 11, 2012, 13:47:03 »

"I am a scientist. I also have some experience of military strategy games, such as "Company of Heroes". I used to play chess but computer games are more fun and realistic.

So I have a thoughtful, analytical and strategic mind and I'd like to help.

If our military was serious about winning our wars, scientists, mathematicians, gamers, like me would be recruited to run our wars.

Instead, time-served soldiers with plenty of experience with firing guns but not much clue about strategy get the generals' jobs and we struggle, too many soldiers get killed, wars drag on.

We ought to employ people with the right skills to do the military leadership job."

Needless to say, Obama did it his way and the Taliban still haven't been beaten. Obama got Bin Laden but he didn't get Bin Laden's controllers in the Pakistani military.

Anonymous said...

"Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) is a benefit for people who are unable to work due to illness or disability" ~DWP

Here's the thing. ESA is for those UNABLE to work, not those UNWILLING to do certain work.

The thing which bothers me is that there are people who genuinely want to work. They would do anything to work, but for whatever reason they can't do a thing! That's bad enough on its own, but they then have to claim social security, and upon doing so are stigmatised. Why are they stigmatised? Because social security is claimed by so many for whom it is not meant. Genuine disabled and ill people are bundled together with the workshy.

I'm curious how you can consider yourself a socialist when you seem to be the very definition of the lumpenproletariat.

Peter Dow said...

Anonymous 6 April 2017 at 16:35,

It's not a question of being "workshy". For 15 years I did the job-search at the job-centre with no shyness whatsoever.

However, I was finally after 15 years UNABLE to complete their job-seeking diktats to their satisfaction.

I simply could no longer focus my mind on pointless job applying due to my extreme mental revulsion. It had become an unbearable mental torture - a cruel and unusual punishment. I simply couldn't bear to do it any more. I could not will myself to do it any more. I was unable to summon the will power to do it.

Then I got sanctioned, lost my income, had no social security, had to go to food banks, could not pay my bills, was very upset and angry and then I had a complete mental breakdown, threatened the jobcentre staff and the police were called to arrest me and I was banned from the jobcentre.

So I now have a particular but genuine severe mental disability which makes me unfit for work.

What I want to do, would do anything to do, is my scientific duties for humanity, my politics in the service of the people and my courting of the ladies to find a wife maybe.

Those things I enjoy doing - except when I am unjustly arrested - and so normally I can focus quite well. It's not paid work per se but I am making a contribution in the community, not doing any harm and legally qualifying for social security so I am entitled to ESA because I am UNABLE to work.

Socialists believe in doing things that are right as seen by the light of their own conscience, to live a good and worthwhile life to help other people - they don't want ever to do bad things, wrong things, just because someone offers to pay them to do that bad, wrong thing.

For me, doing pointless job-seeking for 15 years that helps nobody but is just jumping through hoops on the orders of clerical workers is a terrible waste of my abilities to help people. It's a violation and a betrayal of my duty as a socialist to live a good and meaningful and worthwhile life.

I'm neither "lumpen" (I am highly educated) nor am I "proletariat" (I've not had any children).

Anonymous said...

You said
"For me, doing pointless job-seeking for 15 years that helps nobody but is just jumping through hoops on the orders of clerical workers is a terrible waste of my abilities to help people. It's a violation and a betrayal of my duty as a socialist to live a good and meaningful and worthwhile life".

Which means you are a lazy twat that does not want to toe the same line as everyone else. I do not see your name on any organisation that states you assist them in any way!

From the FEE (self funding)
Socialism is the Big Lie of the twentieth century. While it promised prosperity, equality, and security, it delivered poverty, misery, and tyranny. Equality was achieved only in the sense that everyone was equal in his or her misery.

The main difference between capitalism and socialism is this: Capitalism works.

Peter Dow said...


It's not "lazy" to spend as many or more hours in the day doing my duties as a scientist and a political activist as the hours worked by a paid worker.

I object to your misogynist phrase "lazy twat".

Women and their genitals must be revered at all times in a feminist society which, as a radical feminist, I will insist on fighting for.

It is such as your insulting of women's genitals which is the first wrong step downwards to the hell of such evils as female genital mutilation.

For me to be compared to a woman's genitals I would take as a complement so it was your adjective "lazy" applied to "twat" which I object to.

Women's genitals are not "lazy", "stupid", "obnoxious" etc.

Rather women's genitals are functional, worthy of attention and care, beautiful, lovely and often exciting to behold, to caress and to kiss.

I obey the law and as such I do toe the same line as everyone else.

In this age of the internet, we are able to self-organise and so you can google the internet for my name and see many on-line posts which I have put my name to where I have assisted the organisation of science and politics.

I do not always put my name to my on-line posts because that can often allow trolls bait or an excuse to change the subject.

Socialism is but one good and useful political values word among many.

Socialism does not mean "poverty, misery and tyranny" which are quite different words altogether.

No values word uttered by stupid and cruel men justifies their stupidity and cruelty, in the 20th or any other century.

One word does not specify the recipe for a society that works well to serve the people, be that word "socialism" or "capitalism".

I do explain what my political values mean to me in detail using many words but it is not my fault if and when stupid people misuse one of the words which I use.

Anonymous said...

It's not "lazy" to spend as many or more hours in the day doing my duties as a scientist and a political activist as the hours worked by a paid work

If you are unemployed how are you a scientist? Where do you carry out your work? Is it to do with growing brain cells in a dish? This would be extremely useful to yourself as it may assist you in gaining employment.

Political activist to whom? The messiah Jeremy?

Anonymous said...

I SERVED my country for 22 years saw men beg to live saw some beg to die. You are not worthy to lick their shoes. They stand for all that is right for this country and you stand for nothing. How is it right that someone like you can live off the state for years and still complain when our serving men and women get nothing at end of service?

Stress you do not know the meaning of the word

Do not say it is the governments fault as Labour bought the new rules in.

When will you do something for your country?

By that I mean get a job?

I think I will be long dead by the time that miracle will happen.

You are absolutely unemployable!!! Does not say much for being a scientist or activist does it? Before you say it is my choice I do hope the new rules coming in make you the first target

Peter Dow said...

@Anonymous 9 April 2017 at 18:44

Some of the questions you are asking I have been asked already and answered already in above comments.

To paraphrase what they say in the House of Commons, I refer the honourable gentleman to the answers I posted here earlier.

My science education qualification certificates - in a comment published above 14 March 2017 at 11:17

What science research I do and Where I publish my science results - in a comment published above 24 March 2017 at 01:24

As a political activist I serve the people, of Aberdeen, of Scotland, of Britain, of Europe, of the Commonwealth, of the USA and anyone I can in the world.

I do not consider Jeremy Corbyn to be my political Messiah.

My political Messiah and Saviour is Condoleezza Rice.

Condoleezza Rice meets Obama. 2nd coming of the Messiah?

The Fall of Rome: Our saviour Condoleezza Rice vs. The Pope

Condoleezza Rice from God. Catholics, know your place.

Condoleezza Rice voices new hope for Bethlehem and Palestine

I also run Rice for President Yahoo Group
"Condoleezza Rice for President. Join this group of supporters from everywhere on the world wide web."
Rice for President Video Playlist

Peter Dow said...

I've now changed the setting on my blog so that you need to be a registered user (includes OpenID) to comment.

I'm hoping this will discourage anonymous trolls making insulting comments.