Friday, 28 October 2016

Seized data finally disclosed, 4 days before the scheduled UNFAIR trial

I was allowed access to my seized computer at Aberdeen Queen Street Police Station this morning for the purpose of making copies of my data.

I had a couple of hours to choose and copy the most important 20GB's worth from my 2000GB capacity hard drive onto a memory stick which I was asked to provide and bring unopened in its original packaging so as to guard against the possibility of a used virus-infected memory device infecting my computer with a virus!

This break-through had followed my appearance in Aberdeen Sheriff Court on the 18th October, before Sheriff McLaughlin when she suggested that procurator fiscal depute James Dunbar contact me to arrange access for me to do the copying myself, after the prosecutors and police had excused themselves from doing the job.

Sheriff Morag McLaughlin, presiding

I wrote after court on the 18th October to prosecutors and police to make an appointment for access but yet again I got no reply and so to prompt action I wrote again a week later, on the 25th October, to the court, carbon-copying the email to prosecutors in the following terms -
"I can confirm that I am fully ready and standing by, waiting for any invitation to attend at any office with my portable hard-drive to copy my data onto, but time is now running very short before the next calling of the case, one week from today, Tuesday 1st November. 
I must say that it is most disappointing that Mr Dunbar has not acted with more urgency to act upon a clear request to him from Sheriff McLaughlin. 
I wonder if Mr Dunbar's seeming inactivity as regards his responsibilities in this matter would be viewed by the court as a dereliction of duty by Mr Dunbar? 
If Mr Dunbar is indeed, as I am led to believe, at present, the lead prosecutor for this case, could Mr Dunbar not be relieved from that role or otherwise dismissed by the court? 
Or must the court always tolerate whatever negligent person that the Procurator Fiscal Office decides to send to court as a representative of the Crown?"
Next, I got a phone on the 27th October from a helpful Detective Sergeant and we made the arrangements for 2 of his colleague Detective Constables to supervise the copying for disclosure of evidence purposes.

There's not now nearly enough time for me to review my data files and to organise my defence presentation before the scheduled (unfair) trial diet on Tuesday, 1st November but I'll have to go, ready or not, though it is my intention to plead for another adjournment.

           Accused Details          Court Ref No            PF Ref No        Court Room
17 Alastair Peter DOW    SCS/2015-060310    AB14008188     Court 5

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