Thursday, 12 May 2016

(Unfair) trial adjourned (again) until 3rd August 2016.

Court 1 before Sheriff McCrossan.

Sheriff Christine McCrossan, presiding

My (now former) lawyer turned up to court (court 1, not "3" as was stated in the roll) and was quickly excused from representing me further by the sheriff, Christine McCrossan, leaving me to represent myself from the dock.

I explained to the court that although I am an educated man (a scientist but not a lawyer) and so I am comfortable representing my position in writing, I am not comfortable representing myself in court because the cut and thrust of legal debate is not my forte.

I suggested that the trial which was scheduled for the 9th June could be re-scheduled.

The procurator fiscal depute, Jamie Dunbar, supported my suggestion and we agreed a joint motion to ask the sheriff to adjourn the trial to a later date, to give me time to find a solicitor.

This the sheriff agreed to and the clerk of the court provided dates of 3rd August 2016 for the trial and 6th July 2016 for the intermediate diet.

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