Tuesday, 23 February 2016

(Unfair) trial adjourned until 17th March 2016.

Aberdeen Sheriff Court Roll for 17th March

17 Alastair Peter DOW SCS/2015-060310 AB14008188 Court 5

Comments made on Tuesday, 23rd February

I noted yesterday reading the Aberdeen Sheriff Court Roll that my case, along with a number of others, had been moved from court 5 to court 7.

Court 7, as I found out this morning, is a small court in the basement level of the Sheriff Court building and I gathered from what was said there that court 5 was not available today because of an over-running case.

My case was not thought to be a priority for the time slot available in Court 7 today and so my unfair trial was rescheduled until 17th March 2016, which is a Thursday.

Not proceeding with an unfair trial of my harmless republican political expressions before a Queen's judge suits me better than proceeding with the risk of being "found guilty" (ha!) and sentenced.

If only meantime I could get returned to me from the police my seized computer equipment (that the prosecution don't need for evidence anyway) with my irreplaceable science data, which I need to do my duty to humanity then the court officials would be welcome to reschedule the case as much as they like.

However, delaying and refusing to return my computer meantime is totally unacceptable.

Although I want my computer returned to me now, today, this minute, it is not true to claim that I "want this unfair trial to proceed as soon as possible".

I never want an unfair trial. I always want my computer equipment returned to me immediately without any further delay because it is inexcusable for the authorities to keep my computer which they absolutely don't need to have in their possession and never have needed but was seized by the police because they can do any damn thing they like in a police state. Fascists!

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Scanderberg said...

Hi Peter,

I cannot believe that the Scottish police would do such a thing. What's happening to the Scot's? did they balls drop off?? arrest their own brother to please an old English lady?? this is ridiculous.

I express you all my solidarity and that of all my Albanians brother. A warrior like you would always be welcome to Albania.

Peter Dow said...

My thanks for your solidarity Scanderberg and that of your Albanian brothers.

Thank you for the invite to Albania but I don't think I would want to visit Albania to help fight Albania's wars and neither would I invite Albanian warriors to come here to Scotland to help me with my problem with the police and courts.

However, my greetings and smiles to your Albanian sisters and my invite to them to visit me here in Scotland because my balls have not dropped off and I would very much like to use my balls with the ladies to father some children because that is something I have never yet done in my life, even though I am now aged 55.

I would much rather create life in a bedroom than take life on a battlefield.

If I marry one of your Albanian sisters then of course I shall invite her brothers to attend the wedding in Scotland.

Scotland is quiet with no wars and not much crime either so if the police here were not looking for any excuse to arrest us for something trivial like for peacefully expressing our political viewpoints on the internet then the police would not have very much to do and would get bored.

I suppose it livens the police officers day up when they can arrest somebody, anybody, for something, anything, no matter how trivial, no matter how ridiculous the charge they trump up, just as long as the police think that they can get away with it.

Also, it is much easier for our lazy police to arrest an honest man who doesn't run away, or sometimes arrest the victim of crime who comes to the police asking for help but who dares to complain when the police don't do anything about a crime.

That is easier for our lazy police than trying to find real criminals who run away.

The politicians here seem to think that the more numbers of police they employ the safer they will make the streets whereas the politicians I think would be better advised to employ fewer, better quality police.

As for old English ladies, well I love all but one of them because it is only Queen Elizabeth who rules the Scots without being elected to do so.

Skanderbeg said...

Hi Peter,
are you saying that William Wallace is afraid of a war??? That would be a great disappointment. However there is no war in Albania at the moment, but there are old widows whose husbands fallen in the war almost 20 years ago. I'm pretty sure you can find your loved old lady on her sixties there. Albania is not a monarchy too, think about it...

I can't understand how you couldn't find a Scottish wife since we find Scottish girls extremely lovely and welcoming. I have no school certificates and I'm about to marry a lovely Scottish ginger on her twenties.Are those certificates genuine? it's really true that Uni doesn't teach students how to pick up girls. What a pity such a valuable skill is not even taken into consideration by the education system.

I and my brothers are already in Scotland, we have some troubles with the Aberdeen sheriff court too, this is how we find your blog.

Good luck with your case and keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

Peter its a monarchy no one elects a monarchy . we could elect our head of state and get say Blair or Eck all equally worthless.

Anonymous said...

These Crooks in the Procurator Fiscal's Office are just stalling the case, you incompetent Lawyer is playing the game and helping them, he should have asked that the case be thrown out of court, they have had sufficient time and opportunities to have this trial, this could go on for years, keeping you in a continual state of anxiety, exactly what they love doing, the bunch of criminal SCUM. They are just doing as the Parasite in Buck Palace and the SNP.(Scottish Nazi Party.) Tell them, and the Sheriff has to do as she is told also. The Scottish Legal and Judicial
Criminal CABAL